2015 Australian Social Media Statistics

What’s Happening in Social Media here in Australia?

When it comes to social media and business – everyone has an opinion. At every network meeting you go to or talking to friends on the weekend, everybody has some anecdotal advice on what your business should be doing as part of your online presence.

What we often get is a lot of data from the US, and as we know – we’re not quite like the US! I was so happy to find a compilation of Australian Social Media stats thanks to Servants of Chaos.

My key outtakes are:

  1. Facebook is still the most broadly relevant with strong connection to men and women 18-44
  2. Although Facebook ads are becoming more important, they are still very cost effective.
  3. You Tube rivals Facebook for the number of active users
  4. Instagram is rapidly growing – but its penetration overall is still very small in comparison to Facebook and You Tube
  5. LinkedIn has surpassed Twitter in Australia
  6. Low CTR’s are the norm on LinkedIn for advertising

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