2020 Countdown: Audit Your Social

Before you invest anymore on your marketing efforts, find out what’s working and what’s not. You want to avoid wasted $$$ but also shine more light on what you’re doing right.

A Social Media Audit is not as scary as it sounds. It’s rather simple with numbers that are easy to absorb. You’d be pleased to know that Facebook & Instagram will have all the relevant numbers and figures ready for you. You just need to know what to look for and what matters.

So let’s get straight into it! Here’s our easy steps for a DIY Social Media Audit.

1. The Basics – Your Social Media Account

Fill out the following:

Person ResponsibleYou or your staff
Display PhotoLogo
Operating HoursYour active customer service hours
Tag lineWhat’s your mission statement in 10 words or less?

If you have multiple social media accounts, repeat for each.

It’s important that your branding is aligned so check that:

  • The usernames are the same, if not similar
  • Bio text – keep it straight forward and simple
  • Correct business information – make sure your account settings have all business related fields filled. For example, Facebook will ask you for your business hours, website url, location, phone number, etc.
  • If there are any outdated content that may confuse your followers and prospect, archive or delete it!


2. What’s doing well? Now before we get into insights and analytics, double check that your social media account(s) are set as business profiles. Otherwise, you will not have business tools to find the relevant analytics.

Find your top 5 posts in terms of engagement.

Who are you followers? Learn more about the demographics you attract. In some cases assumptions and expectations of the demographics are completely different to what’s really happening!


3. Google yourself. We recommend taking a big breath before you do this – you may or may not come across things that may upset you! For example, you might find other businesses with the same name, wrong business information, negative reviews etc etc.

But without checking what your search results are, you would have never known! And if there is anything problematic, you can fix it now. Try searching:

  • Your company name
  • Product or services name

And look for correct or incorrect information such as:

  • Google business profile that you’ve never claimed
  • Are there any social media accounts in your company name that are not yours? Is it possible that it’s a imposter account – if so report immediately.
  • Wrong business information e.g. address, operating time, industry category etc

Do the same in the social media platforms you are active on. Do a search in Facebook & Instagram and see what you find!

Try to keep a record of what you find. Sometimes customers create profiles for your business if they can’t find one, most likely to leave a review. You may even find customer photos floating around – these are things you want correctly showing on ­your page/profile.


4. Numbers.

Let’s look at your number of Followers vs. accounts that you Follow.

Here’s a tip from our team: Keep your Followers vs. Following ratio around 2:1.

For example, if you have 500 followers, keep the number of accounts that you follow at around 250 or below.

Why? Imagine that you are checking out a business and you find 360 Followers & 1100 Following. You would naturally question their legitimacy. Why are they following SO many accounts? Is it a spam account?


And if you are following a lot of accounts, try to unfollow those what don’t seem directly relevant to your business.  Create your own personal Instagram account and keep it filled with the follows you are passionate about!


5. What now?

Satisfied with the numbers? Posts are doing great? Well look at you go! Keep doing what’s working for you and keep an eye out for any trends your demographic and followers are favouring.

Unsatisfied? Not sure what to do next? It sounds like you need to refresh your digital marketing strategy (if you had one!). Research who you are attracting, what they are engaging well with and see how you can adjust your strategy according to that.

Sounds too hard? Call us for your complimentary 20 min consult. We’ll simplify it down to what’s relevant just to your business and remove some stress!

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