2020 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know

And the new decade is here! We have now officially entered our 10th year in business and my, did we witness a lot of marketing and digital trends! 

The amazing thing about digital marketing trends is that it’s really powered by you, the people, the real users. We feel the biggest driver of the biggest trends always revolves around providing the most convenient solution for consumers and providing answers in the quickest way possible. This is probably why smartphones have completely dominated our day-to-day lives and hence people’s business models!

So let’s get straight into our Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020! We’ve made sure to include our best tips to make these trends beneficial for small business!

1. Voice search

Voice search through Alexa, Siri and Google is now a regular thing and definitely hard to ignore for marketers!

The top words used during a voice search is

  • How
  • What
  • Best

Which means that your SEO should consider these keywords. 

Tip: So instead of creating a SEO title as “Vegan Pasta Recipe”, go for “Best Vegan Pasta Recipe”. This is a good time to include or expand your FAQ or Q&A page on your website!

Check out Social Media Today’s infographic for more mind-blowing statistics on voice search!


2. Shoppable Posts

If you’ve got an online store, we can’t stress this enough. Whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook or even Pinterest, take the time to make sure each post is shoppable.

Tip: Here’s how to make your Instagram business profile shoppable.

You can tag products in both your Instagram post and stories, and same for Facebook! Instagram has also created a feature where an influencer you are collaborating with can tag your products on their post or story. Genius!


3. Augmented Reality 

From AR Instagram filters to helping customers visualise furniture in their space (IKEA), AR is well and truly here. 

Companies are investing more into AR for a simple reason – it helps consumers visualise or “try on” the products, which creates a personal connection with the brand driving more sales!


4. Aiming for position “zero” on Google search results.

Aiming for position #1 is no longer good enough! Position #0 is the snippet of text, link and/or image that shows before the normal search results. 

Position #0 typically answers a question supported by a link as the source:

Tip: The best topics for position #0 are:

  • Financial 
  • Mathematical
  • Health
  • DIY processes with numbered steps
  • Definitions 

Position #0 also goes hand in hand with voice search results!


5. Nano-influencers

Let’s quickly break this down:

  • Nano- influencers have 1k – 10k followers
  • Micro-influencers have 10k – 50k followers
  • Mid-tier influencers have 50k – 500k followers
  • Macro-influencers have 500k – 1 million followers
  • Mega-influencers have 1 million + followers

Why are nano-influencers trending? They are possibly the closest to your target audience, plus highly engaged with their followers. Their followers have a lot of trust in them, and a large portion of their followers will be their closest friends and family. The best part is that nano-influencers are loved for their low-profile, natural and less polished content. 

Tip: For small businesses, it would be extremely powerful to leverage nano-influencers that tick all the boxes of their target audience or ideal customer profile. Also, nano-influencers are more open to contra deals – saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in costs.


What are some trends you’ve seen that’s blown your socks off?

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