3 Reasons Why Organic Facebook Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Facebook’s organic reach has constantly been declining. What does this mean for your business? It means that posts made by your page, are only shown to a small percentage of the individual’s that follow your page. Why is this? Simply because there’s too much content for Facebook to deliver. Facebook has said that if organic reach wasn’t regulated, up to 15,000 potential stories could appear in someone’s newsfeed every time they log in to the platform. Even though organic reach is low, your organic Facebook strategy is one of the most important mediums to excel at, based on the pure number of Australians who are using the platform on a daily basis. Here’s why having an organic presence on Facebook is essential for your business.

  1. Engagement Audiences

The people who are actively engaging with your business on Facebook, either liking, commenting, sharing, or even viewing your content and videos are the socially engaged followers of your business. Facebook advertising now allows you to retarget these people in a custom audience and gives you an avenue to reach your most engaged followers with specific advertisements tailored towards them. Building up this “engagement audience” organically is a good way to see which of your customers are ready to engage further with your business.

  1. High Referral Traffic

Facebook has the highest amount of referral traffic out of any other social network, meaning that often visitors on your Facebook page will proceed to visit your website. Once a user visits your website, they could convert into a lead, enquire for more information, or simply learn more about your business and find out if you could help them. This referral traffic is vital, as these users have already been on your Facebook page, and understand that you have a social presence.

  1. Cost Effective Brand Awareness

It’s free to post on your Facebook page! Content creation may cost money, but essentially your business Facebook is a place to build your brand and publish both original and found content for free, and although will only be delivered to a fraction of your page followers, you’re still building your brand, and before people buy into a product or service they are most likely checking your Facebook page, for social proof.

Although effective to your business, organic social media management, especially Facebook, can be a time-consuming task for businesses who want to spend more time on the business, rather than in the business. Ensuring the sourcing of effective and relevant content, as well as the monthly creation of original content, be it blogs, custom designed graphics, and constant optimisation can be tedious, and that’s why we are here to help. Find out more about our social media management packages here, and improve your organic Facebook strategy starting today.

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