3 Reasons why you should plan your Social Content

Content Planning

Are you a sporadic poster? Do you go into each week stuck with what to post? Creating a content calendar will give you a better perspective of your overall marketing strategy. It allows you to notice content gaps and will show you if you are focusing too much on a particular topic while almost completely neglecting another one. Planning your content will prevent you from missing the mark (or a deadline!) with your content. We are sharing 3 reasons why you need to be planning your content! 

Consistency is key! You want to be offering your audience content that is educational, relevant, and entertaining day after day. Consistency develops routines, builds momentum, and forms habits. By keeping a regular schedule builds a consistent experience for your audience, as well as engagement throughout posts.

Effectively Target your audience! A crucial part of planning your social schedule/posts is figuring out who you are targeting. A starting point is by going through your Instagram profile, selecting “followers” and clicking through different profiles to see who your audience is. Also, take a look at your Instagram Insights to see what content your followers are loving the most! With this information you will be able to effectively plan your next social media schedule.

Saves you so much time! The benefit of creating and implementing a social media plan/strategy is that it saves you time!  By getting your posts sorted and scheduled for the next week, or month, you will greatly reduce time you spend on posting each day. You will now be able to spend a little more time on other tasks, and on analysing what is or isn’t working. Just remember when you are planning weeks in advance, you want to give your schedule or ideas a little bit of extra flexibility just in case unforeseen events.

So, we have told you WHY you should plan your social content, but you may be wondering HOW to approach it.

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