3 Ways Video Marketing Will Give Your Social a Boost

It’s safe to say that video marketing was one of the biggest successes of 2016. This trend has proven to stick around in 2017, with 44% of small business owners planning to spend money to promote their video content on Facebook this year. But why should your business consider video marketing? Here’s 3 reasons how video can give your social media a boost.

Create a Conversation

Video content is the most digestible form of content for your audience. With 16 million business pages on Facebook, how can you ensure your content stands out? Videos hold attention, and creates more conversation than other types of content. Why? Video content allows businesses to talk directly to their audience, which will consist of existing and soon-to-be customers. Make your customers feel loved with video marketing!

Get Exposed

Social media aims to keep people on their platforms, and video does exactly this! Video content has an increased organic reach, which means that more people are finding out about your business. By uploading a video on Facebook, you’ll be increasing your engagement rate by 186% compared to linking a video from an external website such as YouTube.

Personalise your Brand

Video content connects your following to your business. Rather than a simple text post, video content will allow your audience to become personable with your business, which in turn will help build trust and loyalty in your customers. Remember, story-telling is a key aspect of social media, and video marketing allows you to share exactly how your business is unique.

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