4 Lessons Learnt from Grow with Hubspot Sydney

Earlier this month we attended Hubspot’s famous “Grow with Hubspot” event in Sydney. A day full of insightful presentations, with jam-packed rooms hosting over 1000 keen marketers, we walked away with many valuable lessons were learnt from the day.

Here’s 4 of our key takeaways from Grow with Hubspot Sydney!

  1. Everything leads back to your website

Your website is often your businesses most important digital asset. Once you upload content to your website, it’s there to stay. All of your different marketing strategies will lead back to your website – for example, your social media channels, your social and PPC advertising, and your email marketing efforts will most likely direct to your website. Having this asset optimised to ensure your website visitors convert into leads and customers is vital in ensuring your businesses success.

  1. Know who you’re talking to 

Understand what your audience wants to achieve when visiting your website, using your application or even clicking your Facebook content. Canva’s Head of Growth, Andre Pinantoan refers to this as your audience’s “Jobs To Be Done”. Understanding the problem your audience is facing, allows your business to easily provide the solution they desire. Do you know why people are visiting your website, and are you able to provide them with a suitable solution or answer?

  1. Mixing up your strategy is vital

Diversifying your marketing acquisition strategy is key to knowing which will provide the best return on investment for your business. For example, a business who has been achieving results from Facebook advertising for some time may feel satisfied with purely utilising this channel, although it could eventually exhaust. Diversifying into other channels is important, without doing so the strategy may not be fully optimised, and could be costing your business more money than it should.

  1. We live in a mobile world

Back in 2014, mobile users surpassed desktop users. This was towards the beginning of the “on-demand economy”.  Mobile marketing means that individual’s habits have been changed. Instead of waiting until they have access to a computer, consumers can now find out more about your business on the go – whether this be visiting your website, or checking out your Facebook page. This means that your business now, more than ever needs a mobile optimised presence.

So there you have it – 4 key lessons learnt from Grow with Hubspot Sydney. If your business requires help in website and mobile optimisation, and marketing channel diversification, book your no-obligation call with us here. We’d love to chat!


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