4 Reasons You Should Make the Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

A website is the most important digital asset your business owns. It is the online face of your business, and helps your potential and existing customers gather an insight into the amazing work your business does, as well as acts as a platform to showcase your products and services. It’s important that your website visitors can see that you are a trusted expert in your field, and switching to HTTPS is one way you can portray this.

In the simplest of terms, the additional S in HTTPS stands for Secure. When potential customers, or current clients visit your website, you want them to understand that your website is secure, which in turn will help build trust in your products and services. Here’s 4 of the main reasons you should make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

    1. Encryption
      Encrypting visitor data exchanged on your website will ensure its safety from anyone who shouldn’t have access to this information, some of these people being hackers. Encryption ensures information and data cannot be stolen, and if your business is utilising your website to build an email list, collect contact forms, or has a login portal, a secure encryption process is vital in ensuring visitor security.
    2. Data Integrity
      Data integrity refers to the assurance and consistency of the data collected by your website. Migrating to HTTPS will mean that data cannot be modified during a transfer without being detected. Especially for websites collecting more sensitive information, ensuring data integrity is a big trust factor for your business and can also be a legal requirement for certain information such as payment details.
    3. Authentication
      Making sure that interactions being made on your website are genuine is important, and being able to prove that your users intended to communicate with your website is an element of authentication. This also helps protect your website from spam.
    4. Google will love you more
      A simple yet powerful benefit of making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS is that Google will favour your website for it. Google have made a claim that a ranking benefit will be given to sites employing HTTPS security aspects, which is another reason to make the switch!

It’s strongly recommended that websites adopt HTTPS, as it is ultimately another measure to ensure the safety of both your visitors and your business. As technology continuously grows, it’s important that your website is kept up-to-date. An up-to-date website will not only have updated tangible elements, but also focus on important backend security measures, making sure they are as strong as possible. Is your business ready to make the switch to HTTPS? Simply get in touch here and let us know – we can assist in securing your website.


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