4 Things you Should be Doing on Facebook Now!

Facebook is the most used social media platform in Australia. Because of this it is important that you utilise the platforms features to the fullest! Setting up simple account features is an easy way to increase your engagement and standing with consumers on Facebook but why stop there! Here we have 4 advanced plays you should be making on Facebook now to up your Facebook game!

Setting up a messenger Bot

Messenger bots are a great way to keep your audience engaged, even when you aren’t available to communicate with them yourself. But, do you know exactly what a bot does? Well in technical terms, Messenger bots are basically Facebook accounts or pages, powered by Artificial intelligence algorithms, to respond to customer queries and execute specific tasks, all within the Messenger platform.

When you create a chatbot, you can customize your chatbot to fit your business, your customers’ needs, and a variety of purposes.This article from Social Media Examiner breaks down how to create the simplest of chat bots on Facebook Messenger. Click here to view the article.

Facebook Live

The stats show that people are watching more and more native video content, and are much less likely to click to an external video link. In January, Zuckerberg stated “people are watching more than 100 million hours of video a day on Facebook and that number is rising by the day!”*

Live Video is something that you can jump on board right now! This feature allows you to connect with your followers in an effective, yet genuine way. This article from Facebook outlines some great strategies to implement as you get started with Live Video.

Paid Advertising

Advertising on Facebook is a great investment for any business. So many small business owners are not aware of the benefits social media advertising can provide, especially if you only have a small advertising budget to work with.

The ability to target certain user categories is one of the main reasons Facebook advertising is so effective. Facebook Ads run on the same pay-per-click/pay-per-impressions idea, however, due to the personal information within Facebook’s database, they allow you to get ridiculously detailed with your targeting. Anything a user can put into their profile—age, sex, location, education, religion, interests, politics, job title, marital status, etc.—can be used as a filter for your ads.

Setting up your page template

Did you know that you can choose different templates for your Facebook page? Every element that is visible on your businesses Facebook page is a chance for you to engage and convert a customer. It is therefore important that the look and layout of your page appeals to your ideal client.

This Social Media Examiner article outlines how you can use your page settings to edit the buttons and tabs on your Facebook page to help you prioritise your strongest content and call to actions. Click here to view the article.

By spending a bit of time executing these strategies, you can take your Facebook page from blah to Ta-Dah! If you need help with your social media strategy contact us and we can help elevate your online presence today!

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