4 Ways to Capitalise on The Silly Season

So Christmas is around the corner, and as per usual it has snuck up on us all. In the world of small business, Christmas is BIG BUSINESS! If your business is product-based, it is more than likely that this time of year will be your peak trade. But have you ever stopped to think, what can I do to really drive results during the silly season? Well we have! Implement these 4 strategies in the lead up to Christmas and watch your stock roll out the door!

  1. Implement a Christmas Countdown

Everyone loves the Christmas season (well except for a few Grinch’s out there), so help people to really get in the spirit by implementing a Christmas Countdown! It is a simple way to demonstrate that this time of year is important to you and your business. Additionally, as the countdown nears the big day it also creates a sense of urgency for shoppers.

The easiest way to create a Christmas Countdown is to create a countdown box on your website’s Home page. It is a great visual reminder for visitors that there is only limited shopping time left. Your countdown can be to Christmas Day, or it could also be to your order cut off date so that shoppers are aware of when you will stop taking orders.

We created a small countdown tile on Style Culture to create a bit of Christmas cheer for site visitors. Click here to view the counter.

  1. Make it snow!

Even though we don’t get snow at Christmas here in Australia, it does really add to the feeling of the season. There is a simple WordPress plugin that can be installed on your website to create a falling snow effect across your website.

We installed the plugin for a client in the last week to help add some festive cheer; click here to view it!

  1. Send a Christmas Newsletter

Most business owners spend a lot of time and effort collating a mailing list, and then do nothing with it! Christmas is a prime time to utilize your list and send out a Christmas Newsletter. Your Christmas Newsletter can call out featured products or special promotions you are running in the lead up to Christmas.

  1. Create a special Christmas offer

We all love a good bargain, and most retailers will have a bevy of offers and promotions running to entice shoppers. Don’t get left behind, create a special offer for buyers. Instead of a blanket discount, try and think of a value adding promotion so that shoppers will feel like they are getting MORE for their money. Such an offer could be buy 3 and get the 4th for free. This type of promotion doesn’t devalue your product, yet shoppers will still feel like they are snagging a bargain!

In the lead up to Christmas it is important that your marketing strategies are strong. If you feel like your business needs that little bit of oomph this silly season contact us!




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