5 Key Tips for Instagram Growth

Instagram is no longer just an ‘app’, but is now one of the biggest marketing platforms in the digital world. Instagram is the perfect way to promote your products or services to your existing followers/customers, but how can you reach new customers? Increasing your following doesn’t happen overnight, but we are here to share our tips on how to increase your business’ followers on Instagram.


1.Use Relevant Hashtags

It is best to choose hashtags that are relevant to your audience and keywords that your target audience may search on Instagram. Testing out new hashtags will also help to grow your Instagram following. 


2.More Consistency

To build regular engagement and growth, we recommend that you post 4-5 times a week, as well as posting to your stories. This will ensure consistency of your posts and maximise your audience engagement.


3.Use Reels

Reels is the newest tool to Instagram where you can create entertaining 15 second videos using creative tools to help boost your account engagement. Reels allows you to add music and other effects. Make sure you are using them as much as you can!


4.Actively Follow Other Accounts

One of the simplest ways to gain followers is to engage with other accounts. Do it little by little. You can start following 5-10 people per day focusing on your target audience, and if a person finds your account interesting, they will follow you back.


5.User Generated Content

To maximise engagement and gain new followers, we recommend asking your clients to post and tag your business in their posts. This will encourage the exposure of your business to new potential followers.  You could even create competitions or giveaways once a month for the best tagged post.


With these 5 tips, you can ensure your followers will progressively grow over time!