5 things to invest in before EOFYS! 

Have you ever heard of the saying you reap what you sow or perhaps you’ve been reminded to water your seeds…well no truer words have been spoken when it comes to businesses. 

When you implement ways to invest in tools and services for your business, those investments will grow into assets that invest in you. Whether it be solidifying your brand image through killer photography or elevating the production of your UGC – any time, energy and money is put towards bettering your business, it is guaranteed to pay off in some capacity. 

On that note, we have compiled the top 5 things we think all businesses should be investing before the EOFYS!

  1. Really good tripod + ring light combo

Do you see creators and wonder how they’re making effortless transitions in their reels, with impeccable lighting? We almost guarantee they’re using one of these two bad boys or even better, they’re combining the two! 

Ring Lights 

With its origins in dentistry and medical purposes, the humble ring light was adopted by the commercial world because of its versatility and intense exposure. Due to the circular shape, it casts an even glow over chosen subjects, making them ideal for people, food and product photography. 

Especially if you’re looking to take closeups, a ring light is a perfect tool, eliminating any unwanted shadows and letting your subject shine! In recent years the ring light industry has exploded with countless options on the market. However, if you’re seeking a luxe investment to be used for your brand for years to come, the Luvo’s GlowPRO 2 Ring Light is a stand-out and regularly goes on sale.


Choosing the best tripod can mean investing a little more money or being a bit clearer about the kind of photography you shoot. The humble tripod provides stability for your camera, allowing you to capture images with slower shutter speeds than would be possible when handheld. Effects like long exposures, traffic trails, smooth panning – all these require the sturdy support of a tripod.

In saying all of that, a stand-out on the market recently has been the “3 Legged Thing Winston 2.0 Carbon Fibre Rugged Tripod System (Earth Bronze)” that you can purchase off Amazon. Not only is it structurally impressive, its copper accents will make your equipment less of an office eye-sore. (A great incentive if you’re visually dirven like we are and care about that sort of thing) 

For a full, industry review of the tripod, click here

Also, if you’re looking for Tripods that are predominantly for video based content, this comprehensive article here, will help. 

  1. Better web-cam

A hybrid work culture of remote and in-office was catalysed by the pandemic and it looks like it’s a convention that’s here to stay. For this reason, upping your at home (and even office for that matter) web-cams, will be a great investment to your business internally and externally. 

Firstly, not only will it improve the experience of internal team zooms and microsoft team calls that we’ve all grown to love but this quality will be improved for online client meetings as well. 

Additionally, upping the quality of your camera will allow you to confidently transition some of your business assets to an online-based service. For instance, you’ll be able to conduct workshops online to clients at home or a setting of their pleasing, without compromising the quality of your service. 

As everyone has unique needs for this equipment, we’ve found an article that streamlines several great choices and reasons for purchase. Read here

  1. Tools for better reels and video 

All we’ve heard this year is reels reels reels and Meta’s golden child is guaranteed to be favoured well into the new year. For this reason, it’s imperative your videography and reels editing skills are up to scratch but we understand that this isn’t necessarily an easy feat. 

Of course you can navigate this space natively on IG but if you’d like to amp up the professionalism of your reels and don’t have the money to out-source an editor, subscribing to a service or app is probably your best bet for gaining confidence and upskilling. 

For large scale video projects, we say to look no further than the iconic and credible Adobe Suite, specifically the Adobe Premier Rush. This app is a reputable social video editor, with almost every basic feature you need for creating simple and straightforward social videos, including Reels (even providing built-in templates for Instagram Reels). Mirroring Canva, its intuitive interface allows users to export videos in HD quality with just one click, so this app works well if you want the convenience of publishing your content on Instagram Reels right away without any hassle. Although you’d probably need an intermediate skill-set to use this app and pay for additional features – the base-line app is free which is a massive incentive! 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more low-tech or for beginners per say, we would recommend Inshot. One of the best features of Inshot is that you can upload horizontal videos and let the app work its magic with the editing process. InShot also allows you to add transitions, titles, and custom text captions that grant a bit more creative freedom than IG’s in-built fonts and can help you produce beautiful Reels. Finally, it increases editing agency, allowing you to trim your footage, splice it up, speed up clips, add filters or background music, and more! 

  1. Our Business Strategy Offer 

Would we really be doing our own business justice without a cheeky plug? 😅 But no seriously, our Business Strategy Offer is something you won’t want to miss! 

Our strategy offer is designed to unlock your business’ potential, improve performance and identify opportunities in the market. We will provide a comprehensive business review to provide you with the strategies to get your biz heading in the right direction and keep it on the path to success – from now till Christmas! 

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  1. Pre-Paying for Great Brand Photography

We all know the ancient adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words”, has never been truer than it is today. For this reason, integrating professional photography should now be perceived as a necessity when building a brand. 

Having high-quality imagery instantly increases your credibility, is more likely to retain the engagement of consumers and cultivates immediate trust. It’s important to remember that the pictures that you choose will be a direct representation of your business – if those images are poor quality, this is the tone you are setting for prospective customers. First impressions count, so it’s vital to get the very best photos across your website and socials! 

On that note, we only work with the best of the best and Heist-Creative is certainly that when it comes to the photography industry! Beyond her photography being an asset to our socials and new website, Nikki has the most positive energy and we always have the best time working with her ❤️

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