Instagram goes Chronological … What does this mean for small businesses?

The chronological feed is back! We all asked for it and now it’s here!  After soft-launching the reformed format in December 2021, Instagram has officially launched its algorithm-free, chronological feed option to all users – so there’ll be no more wondering why you’re being fed an Oporto’s ad when you suggest to your co-worker to … Read more

How to Navigate Meta Analytics

For each of our clients, we conduct a monthly engagement review to assess the success of social content and campaigns across brands’ channels. Social media reporting reveals your strategies’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to increase the efficacy of your methods as well as facilitating transparency and trust between you and your client. Our reporting … Read more

Pro Tips to Elevate your Photography Content

In the digital age, a picture is worth even more than 1000 words and when it comes to your business, good pictures – if shared correctly – are worth more exposure, traction, conversions and ultimately, more revenue. Good photography can really make or break a brand and set you apart from your competitors. High-quality photography … Read more

Optimising The Google Suite For Your Business!

As marketers and small business owners, we can be so focused on polishing socials that we forget about perhaps the most valuable platform of all – Google.  Google is the most visited website globally, receiving 89.3 billion visits in the past month alone (January 2022). As a platform, it significantly dominates the search engine market … Read more