Building your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: 7 Easy Tips

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network, but not only for companies. Individuals can build what is called a “personal brand” on LinkedIn, which is something that professionals across various industries strive to do.

Your personal brand is something that you should be constantly fortifying. It is how the professional world identifies you, and can also be a lead generator for your business if done effectively. But this is something that takes time, so here’s 7 easy to action tips to begin building a professional personal brand on LinkedIn today.

  1. Photos

Your LinkedIn photo says a lot about you and your industry. It’s vital that your profile image is reflective of the tone you want your profile to emit. Ensure this image is relevant for your specific role and industry. Consider appropriate clothing, lighting and image quality when selecting your perfect LinkedIn shot. Remember – this is the first thing your profile visitors will see!

  1. URL customisation

A simple way to boost the professional nature of your LinkedIn profile is by editing your profile URL. This is a nice way to customise your profile, and personalise it in a way which is both visually pleasing and gives a personal touch to your profile. Try editing your profile URL to your last name.

  1. Up to date

Nothing is worse than scrolling through a LinkedIn profile and realising that the current listed role is years old. Inactive profiles make it hard for people to connect with you on a personal level, and it also can paint your business in a negative light. Ensure your current role is up to date, and has a relevant description attached to it.

  1. Be active with content

Start off by following ten influencers. Influencers are key figures who regularly publish content, and can range from large company CEOs, to smaller company Directors. At first, try liking one post per day, and then work towards making insightful comments on posts which contain relevant topics in your interest categories.

  1. Strategic headlines

Utilise the headline section of your profile. LinkedIn will default this headline to your current role, but be creative and showcase your expertise! Below this, your current role is displayed anyway, so use this headline area to describe your professional title in a few captivating words and how you can help those that have come to find out more about you.

  1. Aim to Build your network

Actively try and build your professional network. This can be done by engaging with interesting business connections you meet, and then adding them to your network. Occasionally check the suggested connections which LinkedIn offers, and see if any are relevant to add to your network.

  1. Publish content

Become an active contributor to content in your industry. This can be done in the form of insights, personal industry-specific tips and advice, or even content pieces which express view or thoughts for a specific topic. Be creative, and remember who you’re talking to. Avoid industry jargon to broaden appeal of your article, and make posts as engaging and thought-provoking as possible.

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is truly the world’s largest professional network. With millions of users, it can be easy to blend in to the professional crowd, so ensuring your personal brand stands out from the rest is vital to achieving success on LinkedIn – whether that be building your network, promoting your business, or even becoming an influencer in your field. If you need help with personal branding, be sure to book your no-obligation consultation call with us here – we’d love to hear from you.

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