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Vita-Sol is a powerful blend of organic superfood powders to support healthy ageing, gut health, hair, skin and nails and a range of skin issues.

We were engaged to take over the digital marketing for Vita-Sol to increase direct consumer sales, with a strategy that wouldn’t impact their strong clinic channel.

We did a brand review and created strategies across their Shopify Website, paid ads and organic posting to drive consistency and better target their ideal client.

As a result of our strategies, we have achieved some amazing results including:

  • Increased consumer sales by 31% in 6 months, by optimising Google Ad, Social Ad and SEO strategies
  • Increased average monthly sales from 11 to 52
  • Increased average monthly CTR from 0.36% to 6.27%
  • Improved CPC from $1.93 to $0.80
  • Improved CPA from $36.60 per sale to $16.28 per sale.

What Smarter Selling Academy Says About Us

As a growing business, we needed an agency to help understand our goals, collaborate on our tactics and provide their own industry expertise to help us achieve the results we were after. Clearwater has done all this and more.


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