Breaking down Canva’s New AI features so you don’t have to!  

Canva is a much-loved design platform globally. It continues to set trends with its innovative use of AI in their latest Magic Studio. Designed to empower businesses and individuals, these AI-integrated tools offer a range of features that streamline design, enhance creativity, and facilitate smoother workflows. Let’s dive deeper into these AI-powered tools and see … Read more

Optimising The Google Suite For Your Business!

As marketers and small business owners, we can be so focused on polishing socials that we forget about perhaps the most valuable platform of all – Google.  Google is the most visited website globally, receiving 89.3 billion visits in the past month alone (January 2022). As a platform, it significantly dominates the search engine market … Read more

How To Leverage Instagram!

With our last blog providing ample evidence for Instagram’s longevity and influence, it is imperative as an SM Manager or Small Business Owner, to know how to leverage the platform for your business. The creators’ commitment to develop and expand the app’s functionalities and affordances, means attempting to navigate the Instagram landscape is overwhelming, and … Read more

Why TikTok doesn’t mean death to Instagram!

  Whether you drooled over Emily Mariko’s salmon sensation or witnessed teenage SophaDopha taking the fashion industry by storm, it’s safe to say that TikTok had us all ensconced in 2021. With reach and engagement higher than ever, it can seem incredibly attractive for brands to abandon their cornerstone Instagram home and assimilate their content … Read more

Trends for 2022

Like many industries, the marketing world will have to remain eager to adapt to change with still a long way to go in recovering from the pandemic. Consumer behavior and intent is expected to fluctuate more than ever, as we adapt to life post (or is that mid?) pandemic.  When things are not straightforward, experimentation … Read more

Making use of your Stories Stickers!

In recent years Instagram’s story function has grown to be just as popular as posting within the feed. It is a great way to increase your engagement with followers. As Instagram continues to introduce new story tools, the opportunity to make more refined and interactive content grows every day!  From Polls, Links, Quizzes, Countdowns, and … Read more

How to create an online community for your niche

Being part of a community, tribe, or social group has been on the rise for the past several years. People are longing to be heard, valued and appreciated. They are seeking support, like-minded people, a safe space to express themselves and a sense of purpose – like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.  … Read more

Why You Should Be Scheduling Your Content.

No matter what business you are running, if you aren’t scheduling in your content, then it’s time to start now. A lot of time and effort goes into preparing social media content, and coming up with new and exciting posts can be difficult. Especially when you are doing it day by day!  When you prepare … Read more