Daily tasks to boost your Social Media Engagement!

Social media is a highly engaged and interactive space for businesses to connect with new potential customers and clients. We see quite often that people post and then abandon the platform for the rest of the day. They then wonder why they aren’t receiving optimal engagement on their profile or posts. We have listed some small but extremely important daily tasks to boost your social media engagement!

Engage with your followers and the pages you are following
This may seem simple but we mean engaging with more than just a ‘like’. If you want to be noticed, then make them notice you! Commenting and interacting on posts is a way of showcasing a more personable side of your business. The human element behind taking the time to comment and interact with posts will encourage others to do the same with your business. This is a vital part of boosting your social media engagement!

Reply to comments and DMs
Social media isn’t a place to post and forget. Once your content is up, be sure to stay active and respond to any comments or DMs that may come through. Replying promptly will encourage your followers to continue engaging! 

Connect with someone new
Like in real life, creating online connections is so important. Connect with someone new that inspires you or someone that you may want to work with in the future. Engage with their page and content and they will hopefully do the same in return.

Keep up with trends
Instagram reels are heavily favoured in Instagram’s algorithm right now. Each day, scroll through your Reels feed and see what soundtracks and video styles are trending. Then see how you can implement it for your brand! Trends are popular for a reason, so it’s important to make sure you are jumping on them while they are still cool.

Extra Tip: Schedule your content
We have mentioned this before, but scheduling your content is one thing that you will be so thankful for! Planning your content allows you to take the time to interact and do all the daily tasks we mentioned above. Our 7 Day Content Plan Workshop provides you with tips and tricks to strategically plan out your content so you can focus on maximising your social media engagement! Find out more here!

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