{Did You Know} Popups Can Impact Your Website’s SEO!

More and more websites are integrating pop-up boxes into their home page web design. This is done for a number of reasons; such as generating newsletter sign ups, promoting special offers or even just to make a bit of a statement. However, the wrong kind of pop-up can now have negative implications for your SEO.

Google has released information stating that websites found through mobile searches will be punished if they contain annoying pop-ups that interfere with the sites overall content!

The goal of this algorithm change is to improve user experience on mobile devices, allowing people to navigate through pages and find the content they are looking for fast!

Pop-ups that will be characterized as being ‘naughty’, and hence will be penalised, include;

  • those that cover the main content on the page, either immediately after the user reaches the page or during the course of the page visit,
  • those which cover the entirety of the page’s content, for which the user will need to dismiss before being able to view the page; and
  • implementing a web design that replicates the look of pop-ups on initial load of the page, for which the user must scroll down to be able to view the page’s content.

However, as with most things in life, there are exceptions to the rule! The following pop-ups will be exempt from SEO punishment;

  • Pop-ups that appear in response to a legal obligation,
  • Log in boxes that appear for users to access site content that is not available to the public; and
  • Banners that take up a ‘reasonable’ amount of screen space and are easily dismissable.

Even though these changes will only impact mobile sites, it is an important reminder for businesses to think strategically about the way in which they promote content, offers or sign ups on their website.

Are you worried that these changes may impact your mobile site’s SEO. Then contact us too find out more about how we can amplify your mobile site to drive results without being penalised!

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