Digital Marketing for Small Businesses – Retargeting

Have you ever visited your favourite websites, browsing their products or services only to realise that this business is “following” you around social media, and the rest of the internet once you close the page? It’s not a coincidence – this is retargeting! When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses, retargeting is something you should strongly consider implementing.

Using pieces of code in the backend of these websites, advertisers are able to recognise that you have seen their content, and begin to retarget you with advertisements across your social and web activity – what might feel a little intrusive, is business gold waiting for you to discover.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider retargeting in your next digital marketing campaign for your small business.

1. Cementing the Awareness Stage
If a potential customer of your product or service is seeing your advertisement for the first time, it can be hard to convert them into a lead or sale, due to them being in the first stage of the buyer journey – the awareness stage. Retargeting allows you to move people along this journey, by informing and educating them through your funnel, to a second or even third brand touch point. When introducing potential customers to your product, digital marketing for small businesses aims to drive these individuals through the awareness stage.

2. More qualified visitors
As mentioned, the first advertisement seen by the consumer is most likely whilst they are in the awareness stage. If you’re displaying a second, different ad to the retargeted user, they become closer to being in a purchaser’s mindset – as you start to track into consideration, and in turn, they become more qualified candidates for your product or service. Use retargeting campaigns to progress consumers through the buyer journey, and ensure you are reaching people who are genuinely interested.

3. Get the best bang for buck on ad spend
The advertising economy can be expensive, and as more businesses utilise social advertising, the costs increase. With most Facebook advertising Cost Per Clicks ranging from $0.1-$1 or more depending on your business, it’s vital to make every click count. Recover lost visitors using retargeting, and show them exactly the advertisement you want them to see. These clicks are often more efficient as your brand is better aligned with the market you are advertising to. Digital marketing for small businesses can be costly, so make the most of your advertising spend.

4. Hyper-targeted ads
Did someone add your best-selling Watch to their Shopping Cart on your website, only to leave before purchasing? Retargeting allows you to target these users specifically based off this action, this is commonly known in the marketing world as Abandoned Cart – an Abandoned Cart retargeting campaign will aim to re-engage users with a specific product or service – add an offer and your conversion may just go up!

5. Reminder and top of mind
When people are on social media, there’s often a lot going on. In between photos of meals, incoming emails, messages, phone calls and other disruptions, it’s very easy for someone to quickly leave your website. By retargeting them on social media, you can remind them of your business, and bring them back to the reason they originally clicked on your advertisement or present them new information that may further increase their likelihood of converting.

Making the most out of advertising dollars is of utmost importance for all businesses, and aiming for a return on investment (ROI) is more achievable through retargeting campaigns, as specific events can be established to track advertising dollars and return. Be mindful, as effective as retargeting campaigns are, they will work more so for certain business types, and involved in these campaigns in technical setup to ensure the best performance. When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses, retargeting is an activity you should consider implementing, and we can help! For more information on running your next social retargeting campaign, book a 20-minute complimentary call with our Director, Mary-Anne Amies, and learn how we can leverage retargeting campaigns for your business.

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