Do I need a Website if my Instagram is Thriving?

As a business owner, you should never rely on Social Media alone. Relying just on Social Media to run your business is like operating your business out of someone else’s space.

If Instagram or Facebook decided to shut down, you’re left stranded and out of business until you find a new spot to operate out of. The problem today is that new business owners are not recognising this and ignoring the importance of a website to grow their business.

Why you need a website for your business.

  • Own your online presence!
  • You can manage your own brand on a finite level.
  • Changes in Social Media won’t affect whether you stay in business – you have more control and don’t need to rely on it.
  • Social Media should mainly be used as a marketing tool, not as an only platform to operate your business.

My Instagram is thriving – Do I still need a website?

Instagram is a rented space. Let that sink in…

We’d like to think that Instagram is your Business Card and your Website is your Brochure. Without the brochure, how will your customers learn more about your services?

Every brand website needs to provide a clear message and put forth a brand strategy, a crucial design and vital company information on their website.

Have 100% control of your situation.

The beauty of a website is that everything is on your own terms! If Instagram or Facebook experiences an outage, at least customers can go to your website for contact information.
If they change their algorithm for the 9797th time, you’re again affected because this could lead to a decreased reach onto your profile. You’re left having to accept the changes, adjust and move forward – they hold the control, whereas a website is yours to control.

Be found and gain trust.

Without a website, your business is harder for people to find, which means missed opportunities. People trust websites more than they trust Social Media. Do you Google Search to find something? Then you are like 80 percent or so of the population.

Conversion is harder to achieve on Social Media alone.

Instagram and Facebook is great to expose yourself and gain awareness for your brand. But when it comes to converting post likes to sales, it’s A. hard to track and B. not necessarily the strongest instant sales tool.
Again, your Instagram is just the face of your brand, a quick visual to absorb your branding in just a few seconds. If you’re selling a product, need to book appointments, you must have a website.

Does this mean I should abandon Social Media?

No! Social Media is vital to a business in today’s Digital Age. It’s role is to amplify your brand and direct them to a website where they can build trust and ultimately convert. Its your digital business card after all!

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