Email Marketing – Making it More Effective

Is your business currently marketing through email? With 90% deliverability, compared to the 2% organic reach on some social platforms, you should be! Email allows you to only engage with those who have expressed an interest in your product or service offering in the past, meaning those you engage with will be “warm” in a sense, as they’ve previously opted in. From simple monthly newsletters, to special offers and segmented nurture campaigns, here’s four ways you can begin to improve your email marketing efforts today.

  1. Your subject line

This widely-covered topic will always be a focus in any email marketing campaign, as your subject line is the first impression of your email that your audience will receive. The subject line is the most important element of your email, and being able to effectively communicate your email honestly, through the subject line is needed to ensure your Open Rates are high.

  1. Show real value

Don’t email for the sake of it! Always have a very clear Call To Action when emailing your database, as there are strict regulations and laws around email. Not providing valuable information could also be considered spam, and will result in unsubscribes from your database which you’ve worked so hard to build. But what content is considered valuable? Blog pieces, industry updates, company news, eBooks and special offers are all content segments that could be considered as valuable to your database, but be creative.

  1. Be responsive

Mobile traffic has officially surpassed desktop, and because of this you must ensure your email is mobile optimised, and fully responsive. As your email will most likely be viewed on a mobile platform, a poorly designed or non-responsive email will drive unsubscribes, and result in minimal click throughs. Although most email marketing providers are now making all emails fully responsive to both mobile and desktop, always send a test email and check before your email blast.

  1. Automate

A range of tools exist which can assist your email marketing efforts, the most common being MailChimp. This user-friendly platform allows emails to be designed, scheduled and reported on using their in-built metrics. From automated welcome emails to your new subscribers, to more complex email nurture workflows, MailChimp can cater for all.

Email marketing is a valuable channel, as it helps keep your company top of mind. With the New Year coming, it’s a great time amp up your email marketing efforts. Looking to get started with email marketing, but don’t know where to begin? We can manage this for you – simply book a call with the Wise Up team, and let’s start a conversation about email marketing for your business.