Google Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you’re like us and like to get tasks done in the most clever, efficient and productive way then you’ll understand why we love Google Chrome extensions.

Before we go ahead, let’s define Google Chrome extensions.


What are Google Chrome extensions?

“They are small software programs that customise the browsing experience. These extensions serve as features that enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behaviour to individual needs or preferences.”

When it comes to producing work for our clients, it’s imperative that every element is on-brand and clean-cut. We double-check (even triple-check) that the colour is on point, the font is consistent and our work is polished.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the life-changing impact that Chrome extensions can have – get ready for our list of favourite, business-friendly extensions that will make your life easier.

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored or affiliated in any way with these chrome extensions. These are merely our opinions and thoughts.



If you’ve ever needed to match the font in your graphic to the font on your client’s website, or wanted to use a font you saw for your brand – then this tool will be your best friend. WhatFont detects and identifies the fonts used in a web page simply by hovering your cursor over the text.


Long gone are the days of using pixelated screenshots. PixelZoomer allows you to capture high-quality screenshots of a webpage, identify colours and zoom in/pan on a webpage. Need to match the exact colour? Use the eye-dropper tool. Need to zoom in down to the pixel? You can zoom in up to 3200%! Need a virtual ruler? PixelZoomer will display width and height. It really is a situation where you can have your cake AND eat it.


Tag Assistant by Google 

A handy tool that helps to check your Google Analytics, Adwords Conversion Tracking, Google Tag Manager set up that is used for product feeds from your website to google.

It makes it easier for you to quickly spot issues, ignore irrelevant tags and test changes on your webpage quickly.


Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook Pixel Helper is an incredible extension that we hold so dearly to our heart! Using this tool, you can: 

  • Verify your pixel works properly
  • Troubleshoot common errors
  • Learn how to improve performance

Here are some common errors that may come up and what they mean! 

It’s all a little competitor hack to check if another business is remarketing or collecting pixel data. You can open any website and you the Facebook PIxel helper to check if the Facebook Pixel is installed.



Don’t let your human error get the best of your reputation! Grammarly is like your writing assistant, that will make sure your tone of the message is polished and clear.

Whether you’re a web designer, marketing manager or a business owner who is a master of DIY – these extensions will benefit every team member. The best part? They’re so easy to install and start using that you can get started right away!

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