Hidden Instagram Features You Should Be Using

Got an Instagram Business Account? Or considering finally setting one up for your upcoming business? Utilise these free features most people don’t know about to get the most out of Instagram!

Let’s start with the basics. As Instagram eloquently puts it:

There’s a side to Instagram that not many people know about, let alone use. Plus, they’re a constantly evolving machine that by the time you get the hang of it, something’s changed.

So, here’s our Top 5* list of Instagram Features only the pros are using!

*Top 5 out of over 20 “new” and “updated” Instagram features!!!


1. Hashtag Insights – Coming Soon

People, including us, have been demanding this feature for quite some time. When the word broke out that it was finally rolling out, social media went wild with excitement and anticipation.

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see this feature ourselves, and have only seen examples of screenshots from other lucky Instagram users who’ve been granted this feature.

Here’s what we found:

Courtesy of  reddit.

This will be very helping when developing a hashtag strategy. At the end of the day, we don’t want to be aimlessly using hashtags and hoping for results.


2. Removing Followers

We personally love this feature. And it’s not because we have a Burn Book like Mean Girls!

 Paramount Pictures

It’s a known fact that there are countless bot and spam accounts – when you report and block 1, another 2 emerges.

This feature has helped us delete followers that aren’t genuine and in the worst case, not in-line with who we are.


3. Post to Multiple Accounts

It’s more and more common now that users own multiple accounts e.g. a personal accounts and a business account.

What if you want to post the same image to both your accounts? The new feature will allow you to do just that but ticking which account you want to post to:


4. Shorter Bios and New Profile Format

The look of your Instagram profile has been changed. The new format now only shows two lines of text in the bio.

This will be challenging for many users as a lot of us relied on listing our product/service/information line by line. This was great for visitors to quickly grasp and understand what your page is all about.

Now that there’s only two lines, businesses must priorities what information they want to feature in their bio.



5. Share Other People’s Posts to Stories

Instagram stories are dominating the app and it’s increasingly becoming the place to interact and engage with your followers.

Forward thinking businesses have recognised this and now pumping out a variety of content onto their stories which can range from in-the-moment snippet, polls, “ask me any question”, their own original content and content from other accounts.

It’s becoming easier to engage with other accounts and give them the credit they deserve!

If you have a post you’d like to upload onto your stories all you have to do is:

>> Click the paper airplane icon shown under the post >> click “Add post to your story” >> done!

Have you used any of these features yet?

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