How To Stay Connected Using Facebook Groups

As the world transitions from working in the office to working from home, we can all agree that this is a huge change!

Going from face-to-face meetings where we can speak and banter freely – to online video calls is something employees and people around the world are all trying to adjust to. Whether it’s team meetings or client calls, communication is a challenge at the moment!

When it comes to face to face service providers like Personal Trainers, Yoga Studios, Art Teachers, Homework Tutors and more… it is even more challenging right now. Not just to communicate, but to continue to service their community.

Creating a paid online platform is the best strategy, but right now when time is of the essence we started thinking about more immediate ways, that are low and no cost. We then realised Facebook Groups is an untapped community engagement option, with ZERO cost to launch!

Most people have used Facebook Groups before. It is relatively easy to set up, but if you need here’s a quick guide on how to create one.

We think that it’s a great platform to:

  • Keep our community engaged. You can host Facebook Group live videos to give tips + tricks as well as professional advice. It’s super handy and beneficial especially as we go through this adjustment phase.
  • Create a sense of community and exclusiveness. As many businesses are pivoting, the closed Facebook Group could become a space for sharing ideas, cross-conversation and support from the community. Clients can start conversations among themselves, it’s the perfect opportunity to network and build personal connections too!
  • Provide extra value for customers. Use it as a space to do more deep diving into subjects, or as a testing ground for new ideas! This can be done through quick surveys or polls
  • Control who gets ‘free’ content from you. You don’t want to waste your efforts to provide free advice or content with zero returns. In your Facebook group, you’ll know who your members are and the value they hold in seeing your content. Whether they’d be warm leads or existing clients looking for ongoing support to continue a long-term relationship.


  • It’s completely free. The last thing you want right now is to add to the expenses!
  • Relatively easy to manage.
  • Your clients, customers and team already know how to navigate through Facebook – they won’t be overwhelmed with yet another platform to get used to.
  • If managing the group becomes too much extra work for you, you can select moderators or admin from your members, team, and even friends or family.
  • Take full control of any activity that takes place by placing clear rules. For example, no bullying, use of profanity, no name and shame etc!

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