How to Wise Up your Social Media Engagement Game

Social media algorithms sound daunting… But! They don’t have to be because here we are bringing you the top three tips on how to Wise Up your online engagement across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Algorithms are automated calculations that predicts what posts make it to the top of your social media feed, and which ones are left behind. This has become a growing concern for business owners who say their top strategy is to increase their engagement across all channels. 

Here is your guide to boost your chances of increasing your social media engagement! 


Facebook is the most user-dense platform, but also the hardest for businesses to promote their content and increase engagement organically. Facebook favours personal profiles and groups over business profiles. 

How to Wise Up your game: 

  • Create user-friendly online groups and events to establish a cyber community 
  • Make use of the recommended hashtag listing pop-ups when you are compiling a post to help reach more profiles 
  • The algorithm favours accounts you also engage with. So, if you want specific businesses or people to notice you start interacting with their posts


The Queen of impressions is Instagram with a 1.6% engagement rate with much friendlier business engagement than Facebook. However, the algorithm is competitive and values popular, highly engaged content with many likes and comments. 

How to Wise Up your game: 

  • Write meaningful captions that followers can share on their stories, and tag their friends, or even better want to save 
  • Post interactive Instagram stories with games and questions to attract organic reach 
  • Film high quality and creative Instagram reels to grab a users attention quickly and promote your service/product


King of B2B marketing (we have a regal vibe going) is LinkedIn with 89% of business accounts using the platform. The algorithm isn’t automatically sending video content at the top of the page like it used to (although still worthwhile). But the positive for SME’s is that it is loving smaller profiles with fewer followers. Now more than ever before is the perfect time to work on a strategy. 

How to Wise Up your game: 

  • Be consistent with your posting 1-2 times a week because the algorithm does not tolerate randomness 
  • Create content that will spark conversations and reshares so you are at the centre of high commentary and good quality interactions 
  • Don’t just share your business profile make sure you spotlight your employees and create those personal connections with other businesses/people 

If you need further help in how to Wise Up your engagement game, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you! 

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