Insider Agency Tips for Planning Social Content

Running for over 10 years as a Digital Marketing Agency, we’ve managed over 500 social media accounts, across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! So, it’s safe to say we have learnt a thing or two when it comes to how to get the best results from social media content.  

Today we’re going to share 3 of our juiciest tips and when we say insider tips, we mean pull up a chair, grab a coffee and get ready to soak up the secrets.  

  1. Plan ahead!  

Even if you can just turn out a week of content, the best way to increase engagement, is to be consistent… and let us tell you the ONLY way to be consistent is to plan ahead.  

Planning ahead with a social media calendar also allows you to save time on any future research needed for potential topics and posts. You’ll know well ahead of time what you need to prepare to stay on schedule, so there will be no last-minute scramble!  

When you plan your content ahead it needs to support your broader marketing goals, tell customers your brand story, and essentially act as a shop front window for your brand. Which is why having a social content plan and well-thought-out social media strategy in place is so important.  

  1. Take your pre-planned content and schedule it in!  

If you haven’t jumped on board Meta Creator Studio yet, let this be your divine sign! You can find it here.  

We’ve test driven plenty of paid apps, but this little-known free offering from Meta (that’s Facebook & Instagram’s new fancy umbrella name) allows users to plan, publish and monitor content across both channels!  

Creator Studio simplifies the process of building and managing your Facebook and Instagram presence. You can post, monetize, track performance, and interact with fans.  

  • With streamline publishing, you can post videos, bulk upload your content library and unlock creative tools!  
  • Track you and your client’s performance with detailed insights that can help you better understand your audience and better optimize your content.  
  • Manage interaction and easily filter, organize and respond to messages and comments across all your Facebook pages.  

Plus, with Meta’s creator studio users can now upload, edit, and schedule Reels directly from their desktops, making it easier to batch video content and plan around other posts.  

If you want more features, try a paid app like Later and Planoly!  

  • Later is a social media management platform and link in bio tool for every social network. Plan, analyse, and publish content in advance — so you can save time & grow your business.  
  • Planoly enables users to manage their posts and content visually before posting it live on Instagram. With the clean design, users can drag and drop their photos and videos around to visually see how it will look like on their Instagram profile feed.  

3. Lean into the Canva templates

No need to hire a graphic designer, Canva has simple to use templates and amazing graphics for you to design anything relating to social media content. The key is to not try to create from scratch (unless you’re a designer, then go you!)  

Some examples of ways you can use Canva for your business:  

Facebook Cover Photos – Your Facebook Cover photo is the first thing your audience sees when clicking onto your profile. Facebook Cover images give your audience an instant impression about who your brand is and what you can offer them.  

Reviews – One of the easiest ways to show social proof of your brand and help potential customers trust you is through reviews. To make your reviews stand out use Canva! With hundreds of templates sure to suit your brand, you can play around with your brand colours and logo to create the perfect graphic.  

Instagram Stories – With hundreds of Instagram Stories templates to choose from, using templates makes it easier to give your marketing efforts a polished and strategic impact. Using templates will also save you time. 

Better still, subscribe to Canva Pro – with a greater range and quality of graphics, Canva Pro is the premium version allowing you to keep all your brand assets in one place, gives you access to more powerful editing tools and will take your content to the next level! Want a free trial? Click here to claim it!   

To read more about our top tips for planning social media content download our full guide below!

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