Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is well and truly here to stay. The new TikTok competitor has taken off and is now available in Australia and 50 other countries! With our knowledge of the new addition, we are sharing a simple breakdown explaining what it is, how to approach it and the benefits of incorporating reels into your social media marketing strategy.




Reels allows for a new fun way to create engaging 15-second videos on Instagram. Reels can be shared to stories, your explore feed and in the new reels tab on your user profile. You will not only see Reels from the accounts you follow, but also from popular trending Instagram accounts. The reels algorithm is yet to be discovered, but is most likely going to be influenced by the people you follow, where you are located and what content you interact with.




Just like Instagram stories, we all took some time to get the hang of it. So if you are struggling to get your head around Reels, just know in time this will become second nature.





  • TRENDING RIGHT NOW – Right now Reels is very fresh, therefore meaning you have a high chance of receiving high visibility. If you can tap into trending content whether it be a challenge or hashtag, this can help reach audiences far and wide.
  • BREAK IT DOWN – Before going wild, we recommend brainstorming what content your brand needs. Are you offering educational videos or will they be more fun and relaxed. Determining how your business wants to approach reels will make it so much easier when preparing to film.
  • 15 SECONDS OF FAME – Although Reels can be left on your page forever, you really have 15 seconds to really captivate and capture an audience. The limited time constraints that come with Reels means it is important to determine how to get your message across in a time-efficient manner is key.



  • HOT RIGHT NOW – As we all know, it is so important to stay current. In the world of social media the landscape is forever evolving and new things will always pop up. Whilst Reels is hot and current, everyone is scrolling through their feeds watching them. If your profile is public, you have high chances of reaching new potential customers and brand followers.
  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS – We can’t stress this enough, but building genuine and positive relationships with your customers and users online is so important. By creating Reels, you are able to provide your customers with behind the scenes content, show an insight into who you and your team are and also share fun, educational and engaging content. We have seen this to be true with our clients, and there’s no better day than today to try and experiment with Reels!

If you have any questions about Reels and how to incorporate it into your social media strategy, get in touch with us today!