Instagram Vs Snapchat: Who is Winning the Stories War?

Stories are officially the hip and happening thing in the social media world. Once Snapchat solidified its place in the lives of millennials, Instagram, and now Facebook, have been quick to implement a Stories feature on their platforms. With the launch of stories on Facebook, there has been little uptake of the feature, especially given the feature is only available to personal Facebook users. This leaves business owners with the option to use Snapchat or Instagram stories to promote live and constant content. It is important that you invest your time and energy into the most rewarding social media platforms, so should you be upping your Instagram game, or keep up your snaps on Snapchat?

To determine which platform is ‘most successful’ for influencers and business owners, MediaKix undertook a month-long study, monitoring the habits of some of social media’s top influencers. This type of data is crucial, top social media influencers post on the platforms and channels providing the best growth and engagement opportunities – if the leading influencers are indeed posting more on Instagram Stories, then these trends could spell trouble for Snap Inc.

So what are the top stats that we can take from this study?

  • Since launching, Instagram Stories has been 2x more popular than Snapchat Stories
  • Over the span of 30 days, on 25 days there were more Instagram Stories than Snapchat Stories
  • 8 out of 12 influencers posted more Instagram Stories than Snapchat Stories

This is not the only data to indicate that Snapchat has suffered since the release of Instagram stories. According to Google Trends, Instagram Stories has been two times more popular than Snapchat Stories, with the growth of Instagram attributed to a massive 82% decline in user growth on Snapchat.

From a marketing perspective, developing and engaging with a singular audience is always easier. For this reason, we believe that Instagram Stories should be a crucial component to your social media strategy. Most businesses have already developed an engaged following on Instagram over the last few years, and integrating live or consistent content streams into your strategy though Instagram Stories will allow you to engage with your audience on a deeper level.

If you need some help integrating Instagram Stories into your social media strategy, contact us today for an initial consultation.



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