Instagram’s 10th Birthday: Exciting New Features!

Happy 10th Birthday to Instagram! The Platform that has changed and paved the way for a whole different world of Digital Marketing. To celebrate, Instagram has incorporated some exciting new features! From ecommerce, to visual additions, Instagram is always working on the next best addition. 


In-Stream Shopping for IGTV

New this week is the in-stream shopping for IGTV. The shopping bag icon leads you to the products featured in the IGTV. This is of course if the creator applies the shopping tags when uploading. Instagram is really tapping into its growth strategy by focusing on enhancing it’s eCommerce features, making it an attractive promotional platform for influencers and brands. Bloomberg reported that “Within the main app, ads that look like regular posts already generate about $20 billion annually in revenue, accounting for more than a quarter of sales at owner Facebook Inc.” 


It has been reported that this feature will also be introduced to Instagram Reels in the near future. NOTE: Not everyone has reported to see this yet, so it seems that it is rolling out slowly. Keep an eye out for this new feature! 



Instagram Stories Map 

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram has now introduced a stories map. This private feature gives you a look back at what stories you posted, when you posted them and where they were posted (if you used your location tag). 

This has been created for you to conveniently look back at your memories and easily backtrack to specific dates. It does however raise some privacy concerns surrounding location tracking considering stories are only meant to last for a 24 hour period. However, location is only stored if you decide to tag your location in your stories. 



Pick your Custom Instagram Icon

You now get to pick your Instagram Icon to suit your style. Want to customise your icon? This is how – 

  • Make sure your Instagram app is on the latest version (check your app store for updates) 
  • Head to your profile, and tap the ‘Settings’ icon
  • Drag the screen down in the main menu to reveal the hidden app icons listing. Then, pick your favourite! 

Instagram is constantly evolving to suit it’s consumer and creator needs.

What do you think of the latest birthday additions?


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