The Must Watch Instagram Metrics!

You may find this surprising, but likes and comments are no longer the key metrics to be watching on Instagram. With likes being publicly removed on posts, Saves and Shares have taken over. We are here to tell you why they are the hottest metric right now!

What is Instagram Saves and why is it important?

Saves on Instagram can be found in the right hand corner of a post in the form of a ‘bookmark’. By saving an Instagram post, you can easily go back and read it later instead of just screenshotting it in your phone and forgetting about it. Instagram also introduced collections which allows you to categorise your saves! The more saves you get on your post, the more likely the Instagram Algorithm will position your posts higher in the feed or put them on the explore page!

What is Instagram Shares and why is it important?

Instagram shares is when one person finds either a post or a story interesting and shares it with other people. If your content is being shared from one person to another it means more people are being exposed to it, which hopefully translates to more overall engagement. It also means the content you are sharing is interesting enough to be shared around.

How can I see these analytics?

If you are running a business account, you probably already know about Instagram Insights for your overall page. Well, on individual posts you can also view your insights. This will provide you with a clear breakdown on how each post is performing. It’s a great way to get an idea of what content your followers are responding to best, and the more saves and shares on your post, means that your content will perform better in Instagram’s algorithm!

Instagram Metrics Ranked

This infographic ranks Instagram metrics from most important to least important.

Whilst it’s still important to get likes and comments on your post, it’s time to focus on saves and shares! To encourage people to share and share your post, focus on creating content that is educational, interesting and that encourages people to reflect on what your post says.

So, if you haven’t been checking your saves and shares, now is the time! If you see that you haven’t received any saves or shares on your last posts, we are hosting Wise Up Workshops that will help you Level Up you Digital Marketing Game! Click here

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