Is your bounce rate high? Implement these strategies to keep visitors on your site longer

Having a high bounce rate can be a sign that your website isn’t as user friendly as you might have thought. This can have a negative impact not only in relation to generating leads, but it can also mean you don’t index well in search engines.

Making some simple changes to the style and layout of your site can encourage people to stay longer, improving your bounce rate. Some of these strategies are no no’s anyway, so give them a go and watch your bounce rate drop!

Video and Audio
Please, just don’t. No one likes to open a website only to be bombarded with an auto-play video or even a blaring song. It is a big reason people click off websites, and is probably the easiest thing to fix.

Whilst the amazing tangerine colour you have found for your website is great, putting white text on top of it means people will have to strain their eyes just to read your content. Fancy text scripts can have the same effect, so stick to basic text fonts with contrasting colours.

Bad Navigation
Is it hard for your users to find the information they need? This is a big turn off in today’s society as everyone is after instant information. One way to discover where people are looking for information is to generate a heat map, which will pinpoint the exact places visitors are clicking or tapping your site. Crazy Egg is a great tool for this.

Sign Up Pop Ups
If you have an offer for people that sign up to your mailing list then a pop up block is fine, however, visitors must have the option to click out of it quickly. Pop ups that have a hard to find exit button, or even worse none at all, are a big reason many visitors jump ship.

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