Is Your Marketing Outdated?

Just a few years ago, businesses were saying “we do 50/50 traditional and digital marketing”. If you said that today, marketers would probably tilt their heads and look at you funny. Digital is marketing. Social is media. If you haven’t embraced digital as part of your mix, and a leading one, you’re missing out.

So, the question we want to ask you is, are you outdated?

If we looked at our marketing strategy from a year ago, it wouldn’t work today. Even just last month, we were learning about social media changes and hence began re-strategising!

That just shows you how fast the digital world evolves and how fast we need to learn and adapt to it! Every piece of content you create, whether it’s your Instagram story or even a short comment you leave, is all about relevancy.

If you answer yes to the thought starts below, it may be wise to revisit your marketing strategy:

  • Marketing strategy that’s older than a year. Have you adjusted your messaging? If your customers have evolved, why haven’t you?
  • Are you resistant towards change? Having trouble embracing technology? Your product and services isn’t about what’s comfortable for you, it’s about providing a solution for your clients and prospects.
  • Have you got Founder’s Syndrome? Being stubborn about your ways may be damaging for your brand.
  • Over generalising your customers and prospects. How would you feel if someone made grand assumptions about you? This is how viewers may feel when they are offered something that isn’t personalised or relevant to them.
  • Your social media is full of sales pitches. Social media is about making connections. Have you ever made a connection with a telemarketer?

What you should be focusing on:

  • What’s your story? With rising trust issues against enterprises, customers are more interested in the story of your brand and how that ties into their life.
  • Are you relevant? Just check your surroundings – we are drowning in advertisements. So, what’s different about you that you deserve your viewer’s attention?
  • Use data to back yourself up. One of the best parts of digital is that results are made instantly and you can collect data from almost everything. If something is working for you, find out why and how. More important than that, if something doesn’t work, learn from it!
  • TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) is a real thing. Keep your content less fluffy, and more relevant, interesting and concise.

Every piece of marketing work we do goes through a line of professionals to ensure that we bring results. Some businesses and owners understand their customer and prospects that they’ve nailed their marketing on the first go – however this is a rare story.

For our clients and even ourselves, digital marketing has ultimately brought in significant amount of revenue. Thinking you need help? Book a complimentary 20 min consultation phone call!