Managing Negative Comments on Social Media

You may be shocked and unprepared when you find your first negative comment on your social media account. You are not alone and it can happen to anyone. Some may be trolls just trying to cause chaos and others will be clear and passionate criticism about your brand or product! 

We have compiled a list of tips on how to manage and respond to these negative comments! 


MESSAGE RECEIVED | What is the root of the problem? How can you help resolve the problem? Read carefully and try to understand why they are sending the message.

SCREENSHOT | Document the message so that you have it on file, and so you can pass it on to the relevant co-worker who may be able to follow up with the person.

KEEP YOUR COOL | Draft your response. When doing this keep in mind the basics of good customer service. Your response will not only be viewed by the user who commented, but all your followers.

DON’T DELAY | Timing is key. Most social media users expect a response within an hour. It is important that you aim to resolve effectively and efficiently. Always keep in mind that your followers will be watching to see how you handle the situation.

RESPOND | Send your response. If possible, provide an apology and a solution. This is your chance to turn an unhappy disgruntled customer into a supportive loyal customer.

MONITOR! | Yay! You have managed your first negative comment. But it doesn’t stop here. Continue to monitor your social spaces to track any activity that happens after you’ve done your part.

ARTICLE INSPIRED BY:  @socialmediatoday