Marketing Agency vs Your “Marketing Person”

Hire a Marketing Agency vs In-house Marketing?

This is a big question for Small to Medium sized businesses – and considering cost, it should be!

We’ve seen and worked with numerous SMEs who point at one of their team members and say, “they do marketing” and, “that’s my marketing person”. It’s funny at first and then not so much when we see what’s really happening.

And many times, we’ve wondered if the business owner knows what “marketing” entails for their success.

Are you that business owner/manager that says, “he/she takes care of my marketing”? If so, how do you measure their ROI?

If that question gives you mixed feelings, read on to find out our top 5 reasons to hire a marketing agency.

1. Marketing Agencies know how to bring the most value to your budget.
We know the ins and outs of social media and know how to tweak your strategy to bring “more bang for your buck”.

Especially with Social Media Ads, things can get expensive very fast if you’re not tracking your ads regularly and adjusting it if it’s not performing well.

Marketing agencies have techniques that help reduce your Ad spend drastically and yet still perform well. We’ve helped numerous clients achieve great sales and website traffic with Facebook Ads budgets just as little as $5/day.

Systems are already set in place for the marketing agency to:
• Develop your creatives (images, graphics, and copywriting)
• Strategise the timing and budget of your digital activity
• Monitor and manage all social media activity including ads
• Provide analytics and reporting so you know exactly where your money is going (ROI)
• Give you access to their resources – digital & social media tools which comes with a hefty monthly subscription bill

2. A line of professionals dedicated to creating quality content
Whether it’s a one sentence caption for an Instagram post or a full website, each piece of content goes through a line of experienced professionals – because we have a clear goal in mind.

There are plenty of small businesses that have just one marketing specialist to take on the role of designer, writer, analyst, PR, assistant, web developer, social media expert, SEO specialist, editor etc etc and still do a great job.

However, it takes a greatly experienced professional who has the talent of working autonomously to do all this AND produce results for your business. And if you do find that person, imagine the salary they would be expecting.

Going with a marketing agency gives you access for all these specialised skills for a fraction of a marketing manager’s salary.

3. No staff training required – save time and money
Here’s a question to business owners & managers – how will you train your marketing staff when you don’t know any more than they do?

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a few honest, hardworking business owners be completely oblivious to what their paid “marketing person” is actually doing.

And because they don’t a) have the time to micro-manage, and b) know anything about digital marketing, business owners don’t know how to measure solid ROI.

A marketing agency will come in with a set of rules, goals, and strategy to bring very specific results – all with the purpose of bringing you measurable ROI.

We’d also like to throw out there that agencies have their own reputation at stake – if we perform poorly for our clients, that’s on us. As much as business owners want amazing revenue and superb social media presence, that is also in our best interest.

4. Get back to what you’re good at
Small business owners wear so many different hats and are spread very thin with time and resources. The last thing you’d want is to sacrifice your time yet again.

Let the marketing agency take care of all things digital and marketing, so you can go back to growing your business. Get yourself some peace of mind.

Whenever you have serious concerns about your brand and strategic direction, you’ve got a line of professionals to ask for advice. You’ll gain valuable and specialised second opinions.

5. We can train you and your staff so you can eventually become autonomous
If you’re dreaming of an autonomous business so you can step back and watch – we share the same dream!

We want all our clients to grow and eventually have a strong team they can rely on. When it comes to social media especially, we believe that there’s great impact to the brand if all team members are on board.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to give you peace of mind, get in touch with us today to get a complimentary 20 min consultation.

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