Meet Our Team


Meet Our Team


Mary-Anne Amies

Experience: With a business and marketing career spanning over 20 years, I have extensive experience working in industries including Skincare, Beauty, Apparel Product Development & Retailing, for some of Australia’s most loved brands. I was always hungry to learn and experience first-hand the inner workings of businesses, and went straight into full-time work out of school while studying my Bachelor of Business.

Launching my own digital agency in 2010 allowed me to leverage my big business experience to focus on creating opportunities for small businesses, maximising what was then an emerging marketing approach, but today mainstream marketing.

Passion: My passion is providing solutions to small business owners, that motivate and inspire them. I feel personally rewarded by seeing the businesses we support grow. I am endlessly passionate about the digital landscape and the cost-effective impact it can make. Equally my passion extends to supporting up-and-coming digital marketers to get a solid grounding in strategic digital marketing, in an environment that nurtures them to be their best, and values them as individuals.

Interesting fact: I loved studying drama, music and performance throughout high school. I can play a range of musical instruments (although am pretty rusty these days) and have performed on stage in plays and musicals – something I hope to get back to one day.

Our Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing Specialist

Isabella Chaina-Azar

Experience: I unofficially started my experience in the marketing industry during my years as a prefect and school captain in high-school – I developed campaign assets for the local community and was recognised by Dame Marie Bashir. After school, I completed a Bachelor of Communication at UTS in Digital and Social Media. My second major in Public Communications enabled me to work directly with The Humour Foundation to provide strategy and creative execution for their new programs. I also volunteered as a Communications and Engagement Intern at the Butterfly Foundation for a year.

Passion: I am passionate about harnessing creativity to cut through and change the narrative on social issues and taking a creative and strategic approach to my work.

Interesting fact: I have been obsessed with Disney since birth and based my two major works for my HSC around Disney.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mikayla Brooksby

Experience: I completed my HSC in 2020 and have been at WUM ever since. I completed my certificate in Business Administration at Australian Careers Business College in 2021 and am currently studying a Certificate in Marketing and Communications at the Australian Careers Business College.

Passion: Creating aesthetically pleasing social media schedules for our clients and transforming the look and feel of their business from a social media aspect. I really love the diverse range of clients we support as it allows me to broaden my knowledge on different business industries. I also enjoy working in a team environment as it allows everyone to collaborate ideas and learn new things from each other.

Interesting fact: When I was 14 years, I did BMX racing for two years and played Women’s AFL for 3 years starting when I was 16.

Paid Ads Specialist

Elaine Yang

Experience: I’m a commercially focused marketer with heavy customer acquisition and revenue generation experience from both agency and brand side. I have a long record of driving profitable insight-led growth with advertising campaign across digital media such as search, social, display, native, affiliates and any other medium likely to generate profitable return. 

Passion: Helping business owners overcome complex marketing and business difficulties. 

Interesting fact: In my spare time, I work out, cook, hike, practice horse riding, or spending time with my loved ones.

Our Website Developers

Senior Web Developer

Tracey Bailey

Experience: I have over three years’ experience in web development and design.

Passion: Helping small businesses look and feel professional in the online world.

Interesting fact: In my spare time, I love art and to draw.

Web Developer

Justine Lim

Experience: I studied a Diploma of Website Development in 2018 and have been working at WUM since 2019.

Passion: Being innovative and creative to give clients the website of their dreams.

Interesting fact: I taught myself HTML & CSS by hacking templates for my blog (RIP Xanga) when I was a teenager.

Want to Join our Small but Fierce Team?

At Wise Up we are always looking to connect with passionate digital marketers who are committed to driving results for small business owners. Founded in 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses since then to nail digital marketing. We are small but mighty and pride ourselves on a down to earth yet effective approach.

If you are studying, have experience or looking for new opportunities in

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social & Content Management
  • WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace Web Development
  • Creative Web Design

Express your interest to talk more by filling in our application form.


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