Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Mary-Anne Amies

Experience: With a business and marketing career spanning over 20 years, I have extensive experience working in industries including Skincare, Beauty, Apparel Product Development & Retailing, for some of Australia’s most loved brands. I was always hungry to learn and experience first-hand the inner workings of businesses, and went straight into full-time work out of school while studying my Bachelor of Business.

Launching my own digital agency in 2010 allowed me to leverage my big business experience to focus on creating opportunities for small businesses, maximising what was then an emerging marketing approach, but today mainstream marketing.

Passion: My passion is providing solutions to small business owners, that motivate and inspire them. I feel personally rewarded by seeing the businesses we support grow. I am endlessly passionate about the digital landscape and the cost-effective impact it can make. Equally my passion extends to supporting up-and-coming digital marketers to get a solid grounding in strategic digital marketing, in an environment that nurtures them to be their best, and values them as individuals.

Interesting fact: I loved studying drama, music and performance throughout high school. I can play a range of musical instruments (although am pretty rusty these days) and have performed on stage in plays and musicals – something I hope to get back to one day.

Our Digital Marketing Team​

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mikayla Brooksby

Experience: I completed my HSC in 2020 and have been at WUM ever since. I completed my certificate in Business Administration at Australian Careers Business College in 2021 and am currently studying a Certificate in Marketing and Communications at the Australian Careers Business College.

Passion: Creating aesthetically pleasing social media schedules for our clients and transforming the look and feel of their business from a social media aspect. I really love the diverse range of clients we support as it allows me to broaden my knowledge on different business industries. I also enjoy working in a team environment as it allows everyone to collaborate ideas and learn new things from each other.

Interesting fact: When I was 14 years, I did BMX racing for two years and played Women’s AFL for 3 years starting when I was 16.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Niamh Steenson

Experience: A results-driven marketing professional with a strong educational background having graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Marketing Degree from Munter Technological University in 2021.

I have 4 years’ experience within the marketing industry and have worked alongside a variety of industries including, start-ups, cafes, media, and hotels.

Passion: I have a passion for helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. I enjoy discovering a company’s genuine purpose and goal to then customizing creative design work to suit each client’s needs.

Interesting fact: I have always been terrified of heights and decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and completed a skydive over the Palm in Dubai – It was one of the most amazing, yet scariest experiences that I have ever done. It has shown me that anything is possible once you put your mind to it and push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hannah Rizzo

Experience: I’ve just finished a Bachelor of Communication and Bachelor of International Studies at UTS, majoring in Advertising and French. 

I have 3 years of experience in marketing and communications roles and have worked across a variety of industries including community organisations, start-ups, and retail service businesses.  

Passion: I am passionate about people and the planet. I love working collaboratively with others to find creative solutions and I enjoy making businesses’ creative dreams a reality through the power of social media and good storytelling.

Looking after our planet is also near and dear to my heart, and on the weekends you’ll find me volunteering with various environmental initiatives.  

Interesting fact:I love travelling, meeting new people from around the world and learning new languages! I can speak French, and I’m currently learning Spanish.

Ads Specialist

Johannah Lim

Experience: I graduated last 2020 and started my career in a sales forward position however I discovered my love for marketing and opted to switched career paths. Currently, I have 2 years of Paid Ads experience with a focus on all things Search but I am also building up my experience in other Paid Ads platforms! I am also taking up my Masters degree in Business Analytics in order to support my growth in Digital Marketing.

Passion: I am all about learning and self-improvement may it be professionally or even just personal goals. I try to do something new everyday and try to absorb all the wisdom and knowledge from people around me.

Interesting fact: I actually wanted to be an artist when I was younger but now it developed into a hobby. I started with a pen/pencil & paper art then eventually tried doing some digital art as well. I actually haven’t gotten the chance to practice lately but it is definitely something I would come back to from time to time.

Ads Specialist

Erick Ramon

Experience: I have 11 years of experience in Digital Marketing, successfully driving campaigns across various industries in Brazil, including B2B, Education, Ecommerce, Retail, Health, Fintech and Insurance.  

Passion:I am passionate about Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing. I love analyses data and drive campaign that it raises impressive results to company.

Interesting fact: I moved to another side in the world to learn a new language, new culture and new professional skills.

Agency Coordinator

Maddie Donnelly

Experience: I have over 4 years focusing on business administration but have also worked across sales, fundraising and small grants.

After completing my HSC in 2016 I started a traineeship, specifically studying Certificate III in Business. Starting as a receptionist, I have worked my way up to sales coordinator allowing me to gain more knowledge around new industries and businesses. Working at a charity also gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge with the opportunity to continue my professional growth.

Passion: Supporting small businesses has always been a passion of mine as I have family members who run their own. I have seen the ‘ins and outs’ of what it takes and the pressure of it all. I strive for great customer service and enjoy seeing the end results when hard work has paid off!

Interesting fact: I’ve completed a service trip to Nepal, helping rebuild a school after the 2015 earthquake.

I also love trying new things, whether it’s learning to crochet or going skydiving. Anything crafty is always fun for me but I’m also a thrill seeker.

Our Website Development Team

Senior Web Developer

Web Developer

Tracey Bailey

Experience: I have over three years experience in web development and design.

Passion: Helping small businesses look and feel professional in the online world.

Interesting fact: In my spare time, I love art and to draw.

Nadia Kerr

Experience: I’m a Full stack L.A.M.P developer with over 20 years experience. Previous work includes using WordPress, BigCommerce, SquareSpace, Salesforce, server management, global projects, database management, online marketing, SEO & more.

Passion: Helping and educating others in all things web, internet, WordPress and SEO.

Interesting fact: I’m an enthusiastic macro and landscape  photographer. I dislike public speaking but have spoken in front of 200+ people at a WordPress WordCamp.

Want to Join our Small but Fierce Team?

At Wise Up we are always looking to connect with passionate digital marketers who are committed to driving results for small business owners. Founded in 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses since then to nail digital marketing. We are small but mighty and pride ourselves on a down to earth yet effective approach.

If you are studying, have experience or looking for new opportunities in

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  • Digital Marketing
  • Social & Content Management
  • WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace Web Development
  • Creative Web Design

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