Meta Launches New Holiday Marketing Guide

We are not very far away from the season of giving and Meta is proving to be the most generous platform of all! 

Meta has just announced a string of new initiatives they have launched to assist small businesses with their end-of-year marketing strategy! 

Our favourite edition to these resources by far is their incredibly comprehensive and interactive SMB marketing guide, ‘Meta Holiday Marketing Guide’. This resource truly is a one-stop-shop for the most insightful and effective tips to maximise the shopping sales period. The information is sequential and actionable, taking you through the ins and outs of leveraging the Meta platforms for your business pre and post Christmas festivities. 

If you feel your brand was a bit behind the a-game this year and it’s too late to implement some of these strategies, rest assured that the guide integrates post-holiday strategies and the entire resource is full of universal information that can be referred to for Christmas 2023.

Read below for an overview of the guide and direct CTA’s to our favourite sections!  

‘Holiday and Mega Sale Days Insights!’

To help advertisers craft effective end-of-year campaigns that align with people’s expectations, Meta Foresight has created a streamlined insights market that can be accessed internationally. 

The interactive report enables marketers to explore insights from 2019-2021’s festive seasons across 33 key markets. This information is invaluable for exploring the behaviours of consumers, gifting preferences, product discovery and so much more, all geared to help you increase conversions for your own business. 

‘During the holidays!’

This section really hones in on implementing a strategy that can be automated through to December, to build momentum for your brand and ultimately maximise purchases during this peak sales period.  

Retargeting customers that are familiar with your brand that have demonstrated interest in your products and services will bring about the greatest ROI. Whilst increasing your budgets to maximise conversions over the holiday peak period is also best practice. 

Accordingly, Meta has provided a list of important dates leading up to Chrtismas day with suggested campaign strategies by month – how amazing is that!?


If you feel like your Christmas strategy fell through – good news – you can get ahead for your post-Christmas strategies! 

Even though the high holiday shopping frenzy is generically over by late December to early January, the window of opportunity is far from closed! 

This period is prime time to turn new customers into repeat customers by strengthening relationships and retargeting your existing customers that purchased before the festive period.

The best way to do this is by offering a free gift or special offer for participating in your January sales. If your brand is looking to remain top-of-mind and drive loyalty after the high sales holiday period, then this section is for you. 


If you’re looking for advice on a bit of everything then this ‘Tips’ section is for you. Here you will find a streamlined guide where Meta provides a comprehensive overview of how their platforms and tools can directly help you drive sales this holiday season. 

Like the rest of their resources, this guide is interactive and condensed to just three pages. If you’re someone who tends to get overwhelmed, this section is definitely for you. 

And there you have it! 

We have to admit that a step-by-step guide to success from the platform itself is the greatest gift we could receive from Meta!

Even if your business is a keen bean and has all of the pre, mid and post Christmas strategies already automated, we recommend having a read over this new guide and seeing if there’s any additional aspects of Meta you can leverage! 

We hope we have eased at least some of the pressure to your end of year planning. 

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