New Features That Make Creating Instagram Reels Even Easier! 

The secret to viral growth on Instagram right now? You guessed it: Instagram Reels.  Instagram Reels have been an amazing way for brands and businesses to flex their creative muscles and add a visual experience beyond a grid post.  

Whether you’ve been using Instagram forever or are just starting out, the opportunity to reach new viewers is yours to capitalise on. Not sure where to begin? Start creating using the new features below and try a few of our Reel Ideas to help boost your engagement.  

Import your own audio in Reels  

As the name suggests, this latest Instagram feature is all about giving users the ability to import their own audio into the Reels creation process.  

Rather than sticking to existing songs or trending audio tracks, you can now import audio files directly from your own device into the Instagram app to be used in your next Reel. 

This is a huge update as it now gives you total control over the Reels and content you create. Rather than being limited to existing tracks, you can handpick the exact piece of audio that suits your Reel and upload this audio on your own terms.  

Plus, this new feature can help to give your content a truly bespoke feel (as you’ll be able to upload audio and sounds no one else has used before!).  

Boost your engagement with Interactive Stickers  

Ever wish you could use your favourite Instagram Stories stickers in other Instagram content formats? Well now, you can! Instagram has introduced interactive stickers that you know and love to be used on reels, offering more opportunities to engage with your community.  

Polls: a great way to ask for feedback from your audience, test new product ideas or get their input on your piece of content. 

Quiz: a fantastic way to test your audience’s knowledge, teach them something new or highlight your expertise. 

Emoji sliders: an easy yet effective way to boost engagement by giving your audience the chance to rate certain products, services, or pieces of content.  

90 Seconds Reels  

Instagram is giving users more time to play on reels, by extending the length to 90 seconds. You will have extra time to share more about yourself, film extra behind the scenes clips and dig deeper into your content.  

Get Inspired by templates  

Instagram Reels Templates do exactly what they say on the tin: they provide time-stamped templates to guide your content creation. They make the Reels content creation process quicker, removing the need to manually edit each clip to sync with an audio track. All you need to do is drop your own photos and/or videos into the template, and you are good to go. 

4 Reel Ideas that will help boost your engagement: 

  1. Go Behind the Scenes  

What is it like working behind-the-scenes on your business? Inquiring minds want to know! Think of something that would be fun for your audience to watch. Would they like to see how you plan your week every Monday? Or maybe they want to know how you edit and film content? Perhaps you could show off what you do during a shoot? Giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day operations is a fantastic way to foster a deeper connection.  

  1. Before and After 

Instagram reels are addictive because they offer instant gratification. Viewers get to see an entire process unfold in just 30-90 seconds, which helps keeps them engaged and wanting more. Leverage this by creating before and after videos. It is a great way to promote a service and product in a unique and fun way to keep users hooked.  

  1. Feature your employees 

Get your employees in on the fun! Feature an employee each week, sharing what they love about working for your business, what they love about their job, or giving tips from their speciality. People want to feel connected to who they do business with. Plus, this is a fantastic opportunity to express your company’s core values.  

  1. Use the latest trending sounds 

Take advantage of the trending sounds of the moment. When adding sound to your Reels, Instagram will show you what’s currently trending. And by listening to them, it could spark some ideas for your next post. 

The reason it is great to utilize the trending sounds is because it increases the likelihood of you being discovered by new viewers. Instagram is constantly pushing trending sounds which means more exposure for you!  


Instagram reels are always evolving, but one thing stays consistent: they are extremely popular. Every new iteration of Instagram and other social networks is a new opportunity for you to win the hearts, minds, and business of your target audience. 

If you are ready to adapt your social media marketing strategy to meet the changing expectations of today’s audience, give our tips a try!  

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