Pro Tips to Elevate your Photography Content

In the digital age, a picture is worth even more than 1000 words and when it comes to your business, good pictures – if shared correctly – are worth more exposure, traction, conversions and ultimately, more revenue.

Good photography can really make or break a brand and set you apart from your competitors. High-quality photography is a marker of credibility for your audience and demonstrates that you are actually invested in your business and thus, worthy of consumer trust and loyalty. No matter who your customers are or what you’re selling, making sure your visuals are crisp and clear will be an important asset to your brand’s success.

Professional photography is always a valuable asset to integrate into your brand’s digital ecosystem and socials. However, new technologies have made it increasingly possible for you to elevate your own photography and videography, without outsourcing. Here are the photography must-haves we recommend to ensure you’re generating content that brings the wow factor!


Ring Lights 

With its origins in dentistry and medical purposes, the humble ring light was adopted by the commercial world because of its versatility and intense exposure. Due to the circular shape, it casts an even glow over chosen subjects, making them ideal for people, food and product photography. 

If you’re looking to take closeups, a ring light is a perfect tool, eliminating any unwanted shadows and letting your subject shine! In recent years the ring light industry has exploded with countless options on the market. However, if you’re seeking a luxe investment to be used for your brand for years to come, the Luvo’s GlowPRO 2 Ring Light is a stand-out and regularly goes on sale.

Flat Lays and Backgrounds 

A recent trend that has revolutionised the aesthetic of eCommerce product photography is Flat-Lay Photography. Flat lay photos are images shot directly from above, telling a story through objects, colours and strategic organisation. 

Ever wondered how accounts are producing product photos with such sleek backgrounds? To execute the immediate appeal and distinct look of flat-lay photography, many brands are now using flat-lays backdrops or ‘faux backgrounds’ for their socials. 

Flat lays are immensely versatile and will allow you to achieve desired aesthetics with minimal resources and effort. They’re also great for overlaying other objects and materials alongside your product. For instance, if you’re shooting a ‘sunscreen’ product campaign, why not integrate spilt water across the flat-lay and sun-screen bottle for that on beach effect. Integrating the shadows of fake palms or even editing these in later will add to the fantasy. 

Pro Tip: Hair-dryers are perfect for creating a ripple effect!

For more on post-shoot editing, head to the technologies section of this blog. 

Alike to ring lights, the market is saturated with flat-lay companies and it’s hard to decide which to choose from. We recommend the brand on Instagram, which creates high quality and water-resistant flat-lay backdrops. They also sell Clear Acrylic Photography SplashTrays, allowing you to create water and texture product photography without damaging your backdrops. 

Still after the more traditional vignette aesthetic? Faux backgrounds are still your best friend and a valuable resource for any brand to have under their wing. Check out these images we’ve created for clients using Flat-Lays, with no external photography or editing, just the humble iPhone and camera app.

Psst: Notice how many times we’ve repurposed the same flat-lay backdrop


Photo Editing 

Snapseed – The ultimate fine-tuning app for IOS and Android, that enables users to make image enhancements and corrections. Snapseed also includes exclusive features that you won’t find on other apps, including adjusting the ambience of your photo to alter the vibe or brush tool to brighten, darken or saturate specific parts of your photo rather than the entire image. If you’re not proficient in photo-shop, you’ll also love this app as you can edit out any blemishes or people in the background of your shot. 

A Colour Story – If you love bright whites and vibrant colour pops, this app is for you! Each filter is created with leveraging colour in mind and their ‘Disco Ball’ filter instantly eliminates shadows, making your whites super white! This feature is perfect for creating saliency and stand-out product shots. 

For the feed…

So you’ve grabbed the showstopping, polished imagery and it’s time to start organising your feed. There are too many subject shots and no feed breaks and you’re in need of some overlays or filler graphics that still add value. Look no further than Canva! 

Canva – Canva makes branding images as simple as a drag and drop. Canva’s transparency tool also means that branding your images can look sleek and non-invasive to your audience.

Canva for Stories– With reports suggesting that Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, 500 million of them are using Instagram stories every single day. When it comes to brand continuity and actually engaging potential consumers, Instagram Stories are just as important as your feed and should work interchangeably. With 1000s of story templates ready at your disposal, Canva is a God-send when it comes to Instagram Stories and will allow you to integrate your photography within professional templates – repurposing and generating more content, without compromising quality. 

If you’d like to hear more about our tips for Canva Beginners, check out our recent post here. If you don’t have an account yet and are enticed by Canva’s capabilities, Go Pro and sign up here!

VSCO is a minimalistic, intuitive app that’s a must for anyone taking their Gram seriously. The app comes with stunning and sleek one-tap presets to help you establish the perfect style for your brand. If you’re starting out and need assistance in making your feed cohesive and consistent, their filter packs are an easy way to bring all your photos together. Another perk is the in-built community of the app, so you’ll never feel alone.

– Happy snapping!

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