The Power Of Social Media

We recently came across a quote we loved and wanted to share. “Social Media is conversation. Social Media is customer service. Social Media is
advertising. Social media is connectedness” – Sarah Beth Rosa.

Social Media is now one of the first touch points that people turn to when determining to visit your business or a competitor. Breaking down the quote, we are going to share why now, more than ever before, you should be utilising social media for your brand.

Social Media is Conversation. Social Media is constantly evolving. It is used both professionally and personally. When you post, it encourages conversation with your followers. You could be providing insight, asking questions or answering questions. This all leads into personal connections between the business and the consumer.

Social Media is Customer Service. Utilising social media for customer concerns, has now, more than ever before become critical. The pandemic has put a lot of businesses on hold for face to face questions in store. You are now able to directly respond to questions or concerns with the touch of a button.

Social Media is Advertising. More businesses have seen their social media posts translate into consumer curiosity, which then translates to sales. Social media is your personal and free (unless you opt to sponsor posts) platform to showcase what you have to offer and represent who you are. Sponsoring posts through social media allows you to directly target your ideal consumer. It is cost effective and reaches your ideal audience.

Social Media is Connectedness. Social Media allows you to stay connected to your clients, your consumers and your friends and family. Face to face interaction has been put on hold or is very limited, so this is the time to immerse yourself in the online social media world.

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