Top 3 Management Tools We Use In-House


We often get asked, “how do you stay on top of things?” especially from fellow small business owners and friends, who know we manage countless social media accounts, google business accounts, social ad accounts, websites and more!!

And because we’re across so many different platforms and marketing campaigns, it’s so important that we are on top of our processes and management.

So we’ve put together a list of the top 3 Management Tools we use in-house! These apps and tools haven’t sponsored us and this list is truly based on our user experience:


  1. Team Communication ⇒

We use Slack every single day, multiple time a day! See their awesome demo here.

What is it? “Slack replaces email inside your company. Keep conversations organised in Slack, the smart alternative to email”.

How do we use it at Wise Up Marketing?

Instead of having hundreds of email threads that get lost, we divided our team into a different group chats (known as Channels) and only keep those chats about a particular topic! For example, some of our group channels are:



  • Purpose: every morning we list or Top 3 Priorities set for the day to achieve, so no matter if someone is in the office or off-site, we are all attuned to what’s happening… and accountable!


  • Purpose: our digital marketing team is in the group chat to ask any questions about clients, campaigns, share articles etc. This way we don’t disturb other members of our team and don’t flood other group chats with irrelevant things!


  • Purpose: similar to #digital this group chat is for our web developers and designers


  • Purpose: well, it’s self-explanatory! Every Tuesday we have an UberEats lunch and we basically talk about what we feel like eating and our orders.

Slack has changed our office dynamic a lot. We’ve definitely stopped disrupting the team with chatter across the room and we stopped losing memos from endless emails back and forth.


  1. Project & Process Management ⇒

Years ago, when we started using, it was a simple platform where we could create a To-Do list and share them with each other. Now, it’s become a fully interactive and highly innovative platform that’s helped us track every single project, campaign, client and our endless To-Do list!

Here’s what we use for:

  • Personal To-Do list organised and formatted in a way that works in an individual fashion
  • Assigning tasks or creating a project where we share the responsibilities
  • Client Prospects list and our relationship progress
  • Client Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Development and tracking each website’s progress
  • NEW Facebook Ads tracking results and reporting
  • CRM
  • There’s so many more!!!


  1. Online Accounting ⇒ and

Our business involves a lot of invoicing, not to mention tracking all the itty bitty outgoings! We’ve been using Xero for quite some time, and for a team who’s actually got an accounting background, we find Xero highly useful.

Here’s what we love about

  • One platform where you can see all the invoices and it’s status (pending, processing, completed)
  • Invoices are processed and paid almost instantly
  • Automated reminders for both parties
  • Real-time view of cashflow 
  • No paper!
  • Payroll
  • Keeping track of all quotes
  • Involving our accountant and bookkeeper is seamless

And then we also use for:

  • Taking photos of receipts that are then stored in the accounting software for processing
  • Seamless integration with

As we deal with so many clients and provide countless quotes every month, these accounting platforms have really helped keep everything in line and easy to track. 


We hope that our list helps you and your small business! 

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