Top 3 Reasons to Stop Doing Facebook Ads Yourself!

Have you ever run Facebook ads to promote your business? Maybe you wanted to increase your brand, generate leads or make some extra sales!  

From our experience, most people who run Facebook ads find them a waste of time and money. They provide disappointing results or are completely unsuccessful. 

And let’s face it, your time is better spent on your core business rather than fiddling around with Facebook ads which don’t meet your expectations. 

If you need any more convincing, read our top 3 reasons why you should stop running Facebook ads yourself right now! 

  1. You are boosting posts left right and centre, (as well as burning through $50 or more each time), but the only return you get is a few extra likes with no real tangible benefits to show.  

Boosting posts is one of the most common ways businesses use Facebook ads and the least effective. Not only are your targeting options limited but you have no control over where your ads appear. The boosting post function may give page owners the most simplified approach to ads, but after 10 years of running ads, we know there is no simple or quick road to ad success.  

  1. You simply don’t have all the skills to craft an effective Facebook advertising campaign. 

Facebook ads require you to be strategic (which is most likely one of your strengths) but also it needs you to be a designer, a copywriter, and able to interpret analytical data – have we lost you yet? We often say producing the ad itself is the easiest part – especially if you manage your own social content. But deciding the objective, programming the audience, running effective tests and learning how to optimise, well that takes years of learning and development to perfect. 

  1. Facebook is continually updating their platform.  

Ask yourself do you have the motivation, money or time to stay up to date with all the changes to advertising features, policies, best practices, insights and so forth? 

Then consider, have you mastered the features which have been around for years such as pixels, remarketing, lookalike lists and more.  

There are so many powerful features of Facebook ads but if you are not aware or taking advantage of them, then your ads are not going to perform as well as they should. 

If you nodded along to 1, 2 and 3, you’re not alone! Business owners just like you try to manage social ads alongside running their businesses, with varying degrees of success. So, if you are not getting the return on your ad spend that you want, that’s where we come in! 

To read more about the top reasons to stop doing Facebook Ads yourself download our full guide below! 

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