What to do on Google+ Now

Way back when in 2012, we wrote this post Google+ for beginners (that’s us) in which I confessed

I am going to start by being completely honest; I don’t have a Google+ account.

The post was largely resource based and at the end of it I launched my Google+ account and was pleased when readers and clients connected.

Since then, I can’t say I did much more with it. I have being involved in some Hangouts and created some circles, but it didn’t ever become a core part of my Social Media Strategy.

I heard a great analogy about Google+ and adapted it a little to this.

“Google+ is the Gym of Social Media.

This month marked Google+’s 4th Birthday and also the beginning of some of the stronger parts of Google+ being pulled out as stand alone elements. Important changes include:

So what should you as a business owner focus on, when it comes to Google+ (or just Google)

The answer is Google My Business.

Use this platform to:

  1. Get a map marker for Google Search and Google Maps
  2. Be found across all devices
  3. Manage the information shared about your business e.g opening times, contact details
  4. Stand out on Google+ (for now, until you don’t need to)

What I love about being connected to Google My Business, is that it brings everything together – my AdWords account, analytics and insights, review management, in a portal that completely responds across all devices. From where I sit, that’s a Gym that I can see the value in visiting regularly.

Are you active on Google+? What sort of results do you get?



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