Why You Should Be On LinkedIn

When most people think of LinkedIn, they would probably say, “I update my resume when I’m looking for a new job”. But for Business Owners, Managers, Directors and Executives, it’s a place of business.

If you’re looking to connect with professionals and thought leaders of your industry, LinkedIn is the place. Professionals are already conversing with each other, forming B2B relationships and warm leads.

Here’s what you can gain from spending just 1 hour a week on LinkedIn:

  1. 100+ million professionals are on it. And many are thriving on LinkedIn.
  2. Network with other professionals. Use it to form B2B relationships.
  3. Get recommended by your peers and endorse others.
  4. Connect with thought leaders.
  5. Find opportunities to meet industry leaders and other professionals through events.
  6. Ask questions to professionals.
  7. Answer questions to demonstrate your expertise.
  8. Showcase your business.
  9. See what your competitors are doing.
  10. Get the latest news and access to innovation.

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