Why You Should Be Scheduling Your Content.

No matter what business you are running, if you aren’t scheduling in your content, then it’s time to start now. A lot of time and effort goes into preparing social media content, and coming up with new and exciting posts can be difficult. Especially when you are doing it day by day! 

When you prepare and schedule your posts in advance, you eliminate the anxiety of frantically trying to produce something that looks and sounds great. Ultimately, you are giving yourself the required time to create better content! 


Here are 3 reasons why you should schedule your content! 

1. Produce better, well thought out content.

Unfortunately, if you are rushing through your camera roll at 7pm to put out a post for the day, it shows. If this sounds like you, it’s time to start scheduling. Planning for a week to a month in advance, will give you a better perspective of your overall strategy. It allows you to notice if there are gaps in your content, or if you are focusing too much on a particular topic while almost completely neglecting another one. Use a scheduling platform such as Plann, Later, or Kontentino (more options below) to jot down your posts ideas and see if you are covering everything that you’d like. Then, once you have finalised your content, simply select the time and day that you would like it to go live, and done! It’s that simple. 

2. There’s more time to engage and understand your audience!

When you schedule your content in advance, you allow yourself the time to engage with your followers to interact, and understand them. This can be done by creating conversation in the comments section of your posts, through stories, or by interacting with other people, or businesses that you would like to connect with. Also, look into the insights section on your accounts to see what time your audience is most likely to be active, and what content they are enjoying. Use this to your advantage when planning ahead.

3. You can create better captions.

We all know that coming up with captions is a nightmare, even worse when it’s on the spot! Be proactive and think of engaging captions that capture the attention of your audience. Millions of users scroll through each minute, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd! If you are stuck for ideas, have a look at what your competitors are posting and see how their content is performing. Is there a certain type of post that is working well? For example, does their educational content get the most engagement? If so, start implementing educational posts into your plan. 


We hope we have convinced you to start scheduling your content! If you are feeling stuck, and are looking for a clear strategic social media strategy, be sure to get in touch with us.


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