How a Landing Page Can Improve Your Sales

We’ve tried and tested Ads with and without a landing page. Here’s what we learned and what you need to do to get those sales!

To start off, what is a Landing Page?

A landing page is “a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.” Thank you Google for the simplified definition.

The main purpose of a landing page is to:

  1. Capture the visitor’s information with their consent
  2. Get leads
  3. Sales!

Without a Landing Page, it is extremely difficult to sell anything. A Social Media Ad, ie Facebook Ads, without a Landing Page is like saying “Visit our store to buy XYZ”, but without a store. Sounds silly doesn’t it?

Here’s how we view a Landing Page (basically traffic controlling potential customers to a specific destination to complete their sale):

So inappropriate, but you get the idea.

Lessons learnt from not utilising a Landing Page.

We had set up some awesome Facebook ads:

  • Eye catching image
  • Straight-to-the-point headline showcasing the offer
  • Strong offer
  • But no landing page, and instead “call to book” as the Call To Action.

The results:

  • Reach (number of people the ad had reached) and impressions (the number of times the ad was viewed) was in the thousands
  • Clicks on the ads in the hundreds – all leads!
  • Minimal bookings.

So what happened? Why did it flop?

Although we presented a truly valuable deal, it was just too much work for the viewer to pick up the phone and make an enquiry/booking. We’re in a digital age where we check for reference – a website or landing page is the more direct and sought after point of reference, and preferred place of purchase.

As consumers, we’re always looking for more information. And with sensitivity around online safety, spam, company legitimacy, people are reluctant to share their information or engage in a sale with a brand without a proper website let alone a landing page.

5 Features you need in your Landing Page

Building an effective landing page can be straightforward if you keep these points in mind:

  1. Present one clear message. Is it a discount? Gift with purchase? Free ebook? Just choose one.
  2. Call To Action. Tell them what to do, literally. For example:
    1. Click here to get your discount
    2. Buy it now to get your free gift
    3. Download here
  3. Lead Magnets aka Capture Form. This is the easiest way to capture the visitors details so you can get back to them with more value and nail that sale. But always give something in return – they’re giving up sensitive information about themselves!
  4. Show Social Proof. Show them in just a few scrolls that you’re a legitimate business. Consumers these days are massive skeptics, and for good reason! Here’s a few examples:
    1. Have a Instagram preview, or a Instagram icon they can click to view your profile
    2. Testimonials & reviews
    3. Case studies
  5. Remove Distractions. A landing page ideally should have no where else to go – from top to bottom.
    1. Remove the top menu (where possible) don’t have links open to a new page or feeds like blogs posts which will send them down a rabbit hole.

Don’t over complicate it, the more simple and straight forward, the better!

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