Top Agency Picks for Building your Website in 2023

Websites are an integral component of any business big or small, but with so many website builders how do you decide which one is best for your business?

Websites aren’t actually a “one size fits all” product. If you envision the look and feel of an ecommerce site compared to a photography portfolio, they typically don’t look the same and their affordances and makeup are inherently different. This is so consumers have the easiest and most enjoyable experience dependent on their needs – aka – the most important result your website needs to achieve! 

If you’re in the process of establishing a website for your business, or are just looking for a change in your current site then the team here at Wise Up have got your bases covered to help you choose the most suitable site builder for your business! 


If you’re a small or large business that doesn’t have a professional website builder lined up, or aren’t particularly excited about spending days on end coding a website, but also want a beautiful, feature packed – ‘brochure-site’ – then SquareSpace is for you! 

SquareSpace has one of the most aesthetically pleasing yet intuitive inventory of templates currently on offer from a website builder and has proved optimal for photo heavy and creative sites, including but not limited to, restaurants, wedding planners, and photographers. Beyond this however, SquareSpace is also used for ecommerce website design with plugins that pertain to:

–    Shipping and Fulfillment

–    Finance

–    Inventory and Products

–    Sales and Marketing

Overall Squarespace is a powerful all rounder website builder that boasts an incredibly easy UX, allowing even a novice website designer to create professional, smooth operating websites. It even includes tools like social media integration, SEO and Marketing as well as Email Marketing, meaning you don’t have to outsource from multiple companies because everything is in one place.

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Shopify is arguably the best website builder for those small to large businesses looking for an optimal ecommerce website design and experience.  Similar to SquareSpace, you don’t need to be the most tech savvy in order to create a functional and easy to use ecommerce site for your business, thanks to Shopify’s design templates and their 3000+ apps. However, if you do have a higher proficiency when it comes to web design and would rather have free reign, then Shopify also provides the option to build your website from scratch. It’s worth noting that Shopify’s tools is what makes it a heavy hitter in the ecommerce website design space with these tools consisting of:

–    Apps

–    Shipping

–    Dropshipping

–    Abandoned cart recovery

–    Product management

–    Payment options

–    Multi-channel integration

–    Digital selling

–    Tax

–    POS

Overall, Shopify provides such diversity and is our number one choice for businesses who are online stores with a primary focus of selling products. Its diverse tools and simple UX makes it suitable for both big and small inventory stores. In conjunction with its tools it also has a range of handy apps that assist with email automation , CRM, Meta and Google Integration, and hosting services. 

While Shopify is an amazing website builder, if you aren’t dabbling in the ecommerce side of things then this website builder isn’t in your best interests. 

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Whether you’re running an ecommerce or creative website, WordPress is a versatile website builder for your business. Unlike it’s UX friendly counterpart SquareSpace, WordPress is not as easy to use if you aren’t too tech savvy. However, this shouldn’t undermine its efficacy as a website builder, to produce bespoke websites that are both technically and aesthetically impressive (it’s the world’s most popular website builder for a reason!).

It’s notable to mention that WordPress does have website templates available, and they are of a considerably high quality. For this reason, they are optimal for both hybrid stores and brochure style sites. However, WordPress really flourishes if you have the knowledge and skills readily available to utilize its four main coding languages:

–    HTML

–    CSS

–    JavaScript

–    PHP

The successful use of these languages opens a whole new world of website design for your business that can’t be replicated with a template. WordPress is also Open source, meaning that website building can be a collaborative exercise that can capitalize on community production and peer review.

WordPress can be overwhelming for those with little to no history in website design, which is why here at Wise Up we offer website design with WordPress as a part of our services.

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Kajabi resides in a somewhat ‘niche’ area of ecommerce website design, as it isn’t a website builder/website host that is used to sell tangible objects, rather it is focused on selling ‘knowledge’, known as ‘Knowledge Commerce’. This can be defined as online courses, membership websites, podcasts and coaching products.

Much like SquareSpace and Shopify, Kajabi operates off design templates which are highly customisable and flexible, so again if you’re DIYing your website design, then Kajabi is the website builder for your business. Kajabi has also taken the initiative to provide its users with free training so that they can get the best out of their new website. In conjunction with Kajabi’s UX friendly design process, it also brags impressive email marketing and pipeline builders. Email marketing is comprised of:

–    Email Broadcasting

–    Email Sequencing

Whereas Pipeline builders make use of landing pages, and email copy as building blocks in order to:

–    Guide customers to Opt-in

–    Provide customers with Value

–    Provide appropriate offers

If your business is looking to boom in the Knowledge commerce space, then Kajabi will prove an essential website builder for your business.

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There you have it! The top-rated website builders as recommended from Wise Up’s in-house web developers. 

We have been building websites for over 10 years, and can help match your business objectives to the best builder. We will give advice on where you can DIY and where we can step in to ensure that your DIY is still optimised to perform, or if DIYing isn’t your thing, we are here to manage your Web Development project from end to end! 

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