Unwrapping Success: Your Stress-Free Christmas Marketing Guide 

Can you believe we are about to wrap up another whirlwind year? It’s officially SALE season with Black Friday kicking off, and Cyber Monday just around the corner—some brands this year have even started weeks earlier, trying to snag those early Christmas shoppers 😉. 

To make this season less overwhelming for you, we’ve put together a handy guide to gear up for a strong Christmas marketing campaign. Christmas is a critical time for business owners, signalling the peak season for sales. It’s that magical moment when customers are on the lookout for the perfect gifts and eager to catch those holiday promotions. 

Double the Joy – Targeting Two Markets  

Christmas is no small feat for business owners; you’ve got your regulars to thank and those gift-shoppers to charm. So, let’s chat about how to tailor your messaging to hit the sweet spot for both groups. 

For the loyal regulars, a big shoutout for their unwavering support is a must! Toss in some special promotions or discounts to show your love and keep ’em coming back for more – it’s a great time to use your email list if you’ve built one. Now, for the gift-getters, focus on the wonders of your products or services as the perfect present. Throw in some gift cards or bundles to make their shopping spree a breeze. 

Festive Clicks – Getting your Paid Ads Strategy Sorted 

Paid Ads Strategy – a true game-changer. Start early to dodge those sky-high ad costs that come in the final weeks leading up to Christmas. By starting early, businesses can take advantage of lower ad costs and reach their target audience before the competition heats up.  

Keep an eye on the results, tweak your strategy, and watch that ROI (Return on Investment) soar during the holiday season. 

It’s Sales Season – Jumping on those SALES 

Now, let’s talk sales – from discounts to bundles and gift guides, there’s a whole array of tools to tempt those customers into making a purchase. Customise your messages for different phases of the holiday season, catering to the changing needs and mindsets of your audience. It’s the secret to boosting those sales!  

Sleigh your Email Marketing  

Forget the worries of bombarding your subscribers; this is the perfect time! Send out 2-4 emails a week for maximum impact. And here’s a pro tip: resend those emails to non-openers after 48 hours with a fresh subject line. It’s like giving your campaign a second chance to shine. 

New Year, New Opportunities 

Don’t let the post-Christmas lull catch you off guard. Plan your moves to extend those successful offers into January, ensuring a smooth transition and a continued flow of revenue. Whether it’s personalised promos or discounts, keep your customers hooked and engaged beyond the festive season. After all, people will be eager to spend the gift cards they received for Christmas. 😉  


So, there you have it – your very own guide for acing the Christmas marketing game. Get out there, sleigh those campaigns, and make this holiday season one to remember! If you want to hear even more tips and tricks listen to the ‘Marketing with Confidence Podcast’ wherever you listen to your podcasts! Listen here!  

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