Your Christmas Marketing Checklist

In the blink of an eye, it will be Christmas. While the year is quickly wrapping up, it’s important to ensure you have marked off all things on your checklist. We have put together our Christmas Marketing Checklist to ensure you are prepared and ready for the end of the year. 


Gift vouchers ready

Help your customers, and your business by ensuring you have gift vouchers available for purchase. Vouchers are the ideal gift this year as many stores have just begun reopening, and online sales are at an all-time high. They are also the perfect gift idea for last-minute shoppers and the pickier people in your life. 


Christmas closing and opening dates 

It’s important that your customers are clear on when you are closing and opening during the Christmas period. 

Socials Posting social updates on your accounts. You can do this by setting up a couple of posts for your socials to remind people of your closing and opening dates. 

Website – Adding a banner on the main landing page it can show closing and opening hours for your business. 

Newsletters Can include the office closing and opening dates by simply adding a short one line to your November & December newsletter to further reinforce the message. 

Email SignatureAdding a line to the bottom of your emails can help to remind people too.


Christmas order cut-off dates

Clearly identifying your Christmas cut-off dates for online or in-store orders is key in keeping your customers happy. It also provides a sense of urgency which can encourage them to get their gift in a much shorter time period. 


Website updated with promotions and sales 

This season, many consumers will be shopping online. This means Christmas is a great opportunity to spend a little bit of time updating product images and website banners with seasonal creatives. You want to stay true to your brand but remember, you can also have some fun with it. Small tweaks can go a long way in creating a joyful website experience for customers. If you have any Christmas sales or promotions, creating a dedicated landing page is a great way to direct traffic to your website as well. 


Scheduling in content 

Planning and scheduling your content ahead of time will ensure that you are not left feeling stressed and overwhelmed to keep up with your content. Having content set in place will ensure that you are consistently communicating with your customers, without the pressure of manually posting. This time of year is busy as it is, be prepared and plan ahead. 


Join forces with another small business 

Working with a small business owner whose products or services complement your own. The idea is for these complementary businesses to offer bundled deals that effectively promote each other, and encourage customers to support both businesses. 


Christmas is exciting and busy for both the customer and the business owner, so let’s make it a less stressful one, and a more memorable one. 


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