Your Employees are your next Influencers

Employee Advocacy.
Your employees should be your most loyal customers and the biggest fans. They are essentially the face of your brand. Why try to convince influencers when your employees already understand and appreciate your business?

Each employee has their own network of people they engage with.
It doesn’t take an influencer with 100K+ followers to promote your brand. Each member of your team has the potential to reach people in a more meaningful way. You’ll be surprised by how fast genuine and positive word-of-mouth travels.

Your customer’s emotional connection to your brand is more valuable.
The positive emotional connection is becoming the dominating factor of customer loyalty. According to Harvard Business Review, customers follow an “emotional connection pathway”:
1. Being unconnected
2. Being highly satisfied
3. Perceiving brand differentiation
4. Being fully connected.
They found that “fully connected” customers spend twice as much on average than those who are only “highly satisfied”.

As soon as your customer understands and feels that they are heard, understood and cared for, they’ll become far more loyal. Ultimately, this means more profit.

Influencers have seasons too.
Just like fruit, influencers go through ups and downs. You never quite have a guarantee of results and success. And us being a Marketing Agency that deals with influencers a lot, we’ve been let down more than once, even by reputable influencers.

But your employees are already committed! They are already fully equipped to represent and promote your brand. All you must do is give them a stage and hand over the mic.

Treat your employees like your best customer.
Think about how you treat your best customer. Smiles and all, your employees deserve that too. Inspire, motivate and empower them! Give them enough positive energy so they can emit the same vibe on their Social Media.

Have a solid Marketing Strategy.
Now, before you set your employees free with a loud mic, make sure the strategy is clear and ready.

1. Mission Statement. Align the company so everyone understands the core of your brand.
2. Define your Target Audience. Who do you want to attract? What Social Media Platform are they on?
3. Set specific Goals. For example, website traffic, engagement, page likes, sale, blog views etc.
4. Create Content in advance. You and your staff must be held accountable for each word you use. The content should be purposefully created based on your specific goal.
5. Post and monitor the Results. What worked and what didn’t? Is there a stand-out employee? Study the results and use the lessons learnt.

For many business owners and managers, this may be a new concept. Employees can become Brand Ambassadors for companies of any size. At the end of the day, it’s about connecting your customers to real humans – not just your product.

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